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P. Princi Food Services Features a One-Stop Wholesale Butcher Shop

For seven generations the Princi family has been providing quality meat and smallgoods to Western Australians families, restaurants and caterers.

In an era of pre-packaged meat of unknown sourcing and quality, P. Princi Food Services provides businesses with a one-stop wholesale butcher shop specializing in fresh-butchered meat and poultry and award-winning Perth ham.

P. Princi Food Services had been providing a comprehensive array of meat selections to many of the best-known restaurants in West Australia since 1924. The multi-generational wholesale butcher business works directly with local farmers, ensuring ‘gate to plate’ quality and delectability.

As people become more mindful of what they consume, the manner in which it’s raised, and the food’s origins, access to a Perth butcher shop becomes especially important. Selections are available that are 100 percent free of chemicals, nitrates and glutens. Sausages and small goods are also available.

P. Princi Food Services performs its own butchering and processing, providing affordability and a definitive advantage over shops that outsource the work. It’s a sustainable option that reduces wastage. Gourmet cuts and continental favorites are easily accessible.

Expert butchering techniques ensures minimal time elapses between processing and selling, just one of the reasons that P. Princi Food Services has earned a reputation as a premiere Perth butcher shop. Customers can choose from poultry, pork, beef and lamb, along with the company’s award winning Perth ham.

Retail customers can also savor the superior taste that the freshest meat provides. P. Princi Food Services provides residential customers with fresh cuts of meat, hampers and side dishes directly to their doorstep for meals to accommodate any occasion. Consumers can also choose select cuts directly from the company’s retail shop in the Beaconsfield Shopping Plaza.

The wholesale butcher provides prime cuts of meat to businesses encompassing restaurants, caterers, hotels, resorts and casinos. P. Princi Food Services has been winning awards for its products for many years and has earned a decades-long reputation for excellence.

About P. Princi Food Services
The Princi family has been working in the butchering industry for seven generations – both in Italy and in Perth. The tradition began when Pasquale Princi immigrated to Australia in the early 1950s. He immediately obtained a butcher’s job and opened his first store in the early 1960s. The company has won dozens of awards in numerous categories across Australia, earning his son Joe, who is currently in charge of the business, a reputation as a pioneer among his peers. The company was the Outright Gold Winner of the 2015 Pork Steak Your Claim Competition; won the Gold in the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; the Gold in the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; the Silver in the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; and the Silver in the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Foods Awards.

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