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OUR mascots, want to be apart of YOUR brand

Lets talk customer engagement, it’s a vital part of revenue, now lets talk mascot and character performers, now that is the source of that engagement. Mascot and character performers are the visual brand awareness you need. AMS Promotions provide enthusiastic, highly energetic mascot and character performers who are also experienced promotions specialists. The AMS Promotions team can help you with all your mascot campaign needs, from concept, to planning, all the way through to the post-promotion analysis. Your customers will love the excitement of interacting with the mascot of your brand. Our mascots aren’t camera shy and will encourage interaction and invite the public to get a photo with them, which will help spread your brand across social media platforms as well as create trust and loyalty with your customers.

For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email info@amspromotions.com.au