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More comfortable and durable than ever before.

At The Oztent Group we live and love the outdoors, especially lying under a mass of stars soaking up the night sky, a sky that has inspired us to create the biggest and best stretcher yet to hit the market.
Our new OZTENT RS1-S King Single Stretcher is the perfect option for big sleepers, and the only one on the market with a 200kg weight rating.
At over one meter wide and two meters long, it is also one of the largest.  In fact, it is so large and strong that campers can attach
the award-winning OZTENT RS-1 King Single Swag to it for a comfortable, covered and secure sleep 51cm off the ground.
OZTENT RS1-S King Single Stretcher

“At The Oztent Group, our love for the outdoors means that we are always striving to improve camping products – both ours and others – and stretchers are the low hanging fruit of the camping world.”, explains Isaac Viglione, Marketing Manager, The OZTENT Group.

 “During our development we have found that too many stretchers promise the world but under perform, so we simply looked at all the issues we found in other products and solved them.

We’re so happy with the design and quality that we’ve given it a five-year warranty.”


The new OZTENT RS1-S King Single Stretcher is made of 3000D Polycotton canvas over a steel frame yet packs tight and weighs on 14kg.  With anti-sway stabiliser bars, its size, design and durability make it the perfect platform for any brand of swag a camper may have.
The OZTENT RS1-S King Single Stretcher retails for $229.95 and is available nationally this month.
For more information on the new OZTENT RS1-S King Single Stretcher visit http://www.oztent.com.au or any reputable camping, outdoors or auto store.
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The OZTENT Group was founded over 20 years ago by Australian inventor Joe Viglione who, so frustrated while pitching a conventional tent, invented one that took just 30 seconds to pitch. Affectionately named 'the marriage saver' by Joe, the rest of Australia knows it as the Oztent RV Range.    
The Oztent Group remains an Australian owned and operated family business, providing Australian and international adventurers with a range of tents and outdoor furniture and accessories, designed to create an awesome camping experience. The Oztent Group opened operations in the USA in 2014.
Oztent is the original, patented 30-second tent. Its unique internal frame and hinge-mechanism eliminated the need (and time) required to thread poles to keep the tent up. Along with its innovative design, Oztent also features heavy-duty materials to withstand harsh Australian conditions.
Including images or video assets, product for photography or trial, and interviews with a camping expert from the Oztent team, please contact Isaac Viglione +61 [0]2 8706-5100 | isaac.viglione@oztent.com or Michael Locke +61 [0]438-076-904 | michael@locke.com.au