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The Journey from One Scrap Car to Fifty Scrap Cars a Day

SCC Celebrates Five Years of Scrap Car Recycling

Australia is facing a slow decline in its car sales industry as more people are constantly choosing to use public transport. This is a huge shift in the market that hadn’t predicted this sudden shift in demand due to lifestyle changes. This change in lifestyles could also be the contributing factor to the greater number of cars being recycled and sold to scrap car buyers. As Brisbane’s premium car removal service, Swift Cash for Cars has seen rapid growth in the number of daily customers they have served through the years.


This March, this premium car buyer is celebrating the successful completion of five years doing this business. A spokesperson from Swift Cash for Cars mentioned that they had seen an increase in the number of the cars they had been receiving over the years, but there was also a shift in the reception methods. Initially, the old cars received were mostly sold to them for cash and they would wreck it or scrap it and even sell it to other buyers. But with a change in lifestyles of people and increased awareness about proper waste disposal, people have shifted to getting free car removals of their junk cars.


Types of services offered by Swift Cash for Cars

Cars in 2014

Cars in 2018

Cash For Scrap Cars



Car Removal



Car Recycling



Auto Wrecker



Table 1. The types of services most used by consumers in the year 2014 as compared to the year 2018

Chart 1.1. A pie chart of the types of services most used by consumers in the year 2014


Chart 1.2. A pie chart of the types of services most used by consumers in the year 2018


A lot of car owners said they would be willing to give their car off to someone who would be willing to dispose of it with proper care. WIth the excessive research and the Global Warming Scare, car owners in Brisbane have started to get more careful with their choices of disposal. After all, nobody wants to see their beautiful country ruined with junk cars and scrap vehicles.  


“We’ve seen a sharp rise in the number of cars that we receive each day, on an average, for car recycling and wrecking. It makes us very proud that what started with a collection of maybe an odd one or two cars every day in 2014, has risen up to about an average of  50 scrap cars in the Brisbane region. That’s how we define success, through retention of customers and constant referrals.”, said Samir, who has been the operations head for Swift Cash for Cars since their inception.


With the celebration of the fifth year of Swift Cash for Cars Services and on gaining popularity almost immediately after starting the business, the Senior Management said that the success of the business completely depends on the customers. ‘All of our customers give us good reviews. We make sure we ask them for feedback because it helps us grow and alter our car removal process in Brisbane for more convenience.”  

The addition of ‘free paperwork’ as one of the wide range of services available to old car sellers in Brisbane happened only after a few months of operation. SCC officials claim that when the company realized that paperwork was a major inconvenience for the car sellers in Brisbane, they immediately took the opportunity to offer this add-on.

On the kind of car removals services they provide in Brisbane, one of the customers said, “I was struggling to sell my car. I wanted instant cash payment but also wanted the car to be picked up on a weekend. These guys were very understanding and accommodating - they agreed to everything I wanted. Honestly, their service quality was commendable and very surprising.”  


The rise in the popularity of such car removal services is making the environment happy along with the car owners who never thought they would be able to sell a junk car for cash. It seems like a win-win situation for the old car sellers of Brisbane and the neighboring suburbs. 

Swift Cash for Cars is a premium car removal service in Brisbane that provides free services for car removal. They have become a popular driving force for car owners in Brisbane who want to get rid of their cars.  They buy cars, trucks, vans, utes, SUVs, etc. They buy vehicles in all conditions, including damaged cars, abandoned vehicles,  accidental cars and vans, etc. Swift Cash for Cars also operates as a car wrecker and scrap car dealer in Brisbane. This gives them the opportunity to use old and unwanted vehicles optimally.