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The Downsides Of Ignoring Underfloor Insulation Explained


As a whole, heat in your home is 100%, and percentages from this total value can escape from elements of your home. For example, about 35% of the heat can leak through the walls, and 15% can flow through windows and doors. And, this is why experts in the insulation industry have introduced thermal barrier options for each of these elements, and Underfloor Insulation is the product for your floors. In this article, we explain the downsides of not investing money in insulation. Also, we discuss a few other helpful topics too. Let’s get started!

Underfloor Insulation can be rigid panels or batt thermal barriers, and depending on the floor type; choose the right type wisely. Usually, we don’t install spray-foam and blown-in insulation on floors. Like all other areas, the R-value is the measure that you should focus on when choosing insulation for your floors. For example, if you live in a colder or hotter part in Australia; make sure you buy a product that comes with a higher R-value. What are the downsides of choosing the wrong R-value? Well, nothing will happen if you buy Underfloor Insulation that comes with a higher R-value than the required value. Anyway, the prices of high-R-Value thermal barriers are a bit high. Hence, you will spend extra money for no reason. Anyway, if you choose a lower R-value; you will have to go through a series of downsides such as high energy bills and frequent temperature fluctuations.

You can imagine the downsides of frequent temperature fluctuations, don’t you? For a comfortable life, the temperature in your home should stay at a constant level, and Underfloor Insulation helps you a lot with it. Most homeowners in Australia install thermal barriers on the roof/ceiling, walls, and doors as well, but they sometimes forget the floor. As mentioned, when 20% of the heat leaks through the floor; you can’t achieve optimal temperatures in your home. To balance it, you will either turn on the heaters air conditioners that are home appliances consume electricity in high amounts. High energy bills and energy wastes are the downsides of it.

This money waste on energy bills will affect you in the long run. For example, if you keep on spending too much money on energy bills for 40 years; calculate and see how much you would waste! What if you save that money by installing Underfloor Insulation and use the money for something productive for your family? Remember, it’s not only about saving your money but about saving energy as a responsible citizen.

An uncomfortable home is a happiness killer: When your kids always complain about frequent temperature fluctuations, which can stress you out; everybody will get disappointed, right? Anyway, you can create a better life for your family with Underfloor Insulation and other types. A quick tip: you can’t even ignore a single crucial element of your home that contributes to heat loss. Even a damaged garage door can cause an uncomfortable environment in your home. Can I insulate the garage door? Of course yes. Since the garage door covers a large area; insulating it with a reliable thermal barrier is highly advisable. Try your best to keep 100% of heat in your home; hence you can minimize or stop using heaters and air conditioners forever.

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