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Beautiful Brand Enthusiasts

At AMS Promotions, we love to investigate, investigating what really makes a business expo or promotional event run to its top potential, is it the product? Is it the location? Is it the pricing? All of these contribute to the success of an expo, but one of the biggest factors is the staff you choose to promote it. This is where AMS Promotions come in, saving the day and making your brand stand out in the crowd. We love facts and the fact is, brands that use AMS promo staff have seen an increase of over 200% in lead generation. These clients operate Australia wide and at expos like the Arnold Classic and Cisco Live. AMS promotional models deliver quality along with beauty and charm. AMS Promotions carefully select our promotional models and ensure they will catch the eye of your target market. Promotional models will help with making your brand look stylish, successful and professional, whilst helping you spread your brand’s message. We look for vibrant and talented personalities who are friendly and approachable. As one of Australia’s top promotional staffing agency we are dedicated to delivering professionalism and enthusiasm through our services. Our models not only command customers’ attention to your brand but also communicate with potential customers about your brand during the campaign.

For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email info@amspromotions.com.au