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The 4 Marketing Tactics Every Fitness Guru Should Know

Digital marketing for fitness businesses and personal trainers

Digital marketing is one of the most effective tools for small businesses but figuring out how to get started can feel daunting. Different sources will recommend different tactics, and with all the options it’s hard to know what digital marketing tools you should start with. We have outlined four easy digital marketing tactics specifically aimed to help fitness professionals.

1. Make fitness videos

Instructional workout videos make for great promotional materials. Since you already spend your days teaching others how to reach their fitness goals, this option is a no brainer. You can post these videos on your website, social media pages, or even create a YouTube channel.

Many fitness gurus have found success by making workout videos available on a variety of platforms. Everyone loves being able to search for a workout video and exercise from home. Creating fitness videos provides potential clients with a valuable resource that will pique their interest.

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