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Revolutionising gifts for friends and family overseas

Local business, Gifting Owl, is revolutionising gift giving for friends and family overseas by offering experience gift vouchers available in over 100 countries worldwide. 

Jackie Babbage, Co-Founder of Gifting Owl, says that material gifts are becoming predictable, especially for Australian’s who are avid travellers and have family and friends living overseas.

“At Gifting Owl, we believe that the perfect gift is an adventure experience that recipients will remember forever,” Ms. Babbage said.


Gifting Owl has tours, activities and adventures in over 1,000 cities that can be gifted as vouchers to anyone across the world. Recipients have full flexibility in choosing the activity, location and date of the experience.


“We knew that we wanted our activities to be scattered all over the globe, just like many of our friends and family,” Ms. Babbage said.


Research shows that Australians are travelling internationally more than ever before, indicating that experience gifts may be the future for giving gifts for loved ones who are constantly travelling or live overseas.


Ms. Babbage says that sending a gift to friends and family living overseas shouldn’t be so difficult in 2019.

“We live in a world that’s more connected than ever, yet we still pay exorbitant fees to send small packages long distances and having to wait weeks for them to arrive,” she said.

Gifting Owl’s global experience gift vouchers are sent digitally and can be received immediately.

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