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ActivePipe becomes exclusive partner for the REB Top 100 Agents

As the most prestigious ranking in Australia for real estate agents, ActivePipe has joined forces with top property news website, Real Estate Business (realestatebusiness.com.au) to become the exclusive partner for the REB Top 100 Agents.


Launched in 2015, ActivePipe is a marketing automation platform rich in features that are transforming the real estate industry.


From a brokerage, office or agent level, email drip-campaigns that seamlessly integrate properties can be created and then deployed in minutes. ActivePipe then uses behavioural driven analytics to tell these agents exactly who is looking to buy or sell a home, based on how their contacts interact with a campaign’s content.


Servicing thousands of agents across the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, ActivePipe is hungry to create and consolidate authentic partnerships in the industry so clients can maximise their opportunities in achieving optimal levels of productivity performance.


According to ActivePipe CEO, Ash Farrugia, as a high performing organisation in the real estate industry, ActivePipe continues to align with like-minded organisations such as REB, who possess the same passion, tenacity and drive to accelerate their success and presence.


“The REB Top 100 Agents is considered as the national go-to agent barometer in the industry and shows which agents are excelling in their craft.  This list also serves to be a source of inspiration to others in the industry on what ingredients are needed to thrive and succeed in this current challenging market,” he said.


“At ActivePipe, we are humbled and delighted to discover that many agents featured on the REB Top 100 Agents list each year are our clients.  We are confident that we have played a positive role in the way they conduct their business successfully and how they ensure lifelong property dreams come true for Australians.”


“This industry is much more than bricks and mortar.  Being selected for the REB Top 100 Agents is a reflection on your ability to provide and pursue innovative ways to captivate your customers. 

Real estate is such a personal industry to be in and to create platforms where agents become more diligent and thorough in their service, we all win.

“Rankings like the Top 100 Agents encourage us to stay focussed and overcome temporary challenges. If other agents are succeeding and striving for greatness in a challenging market, there’s no reason we all can’t.” Ash adds.