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15 Years of Making a Difference

Infinite Growth celebrates 15 years serving its clients

Having worked in the public and private sectors, Maria Pantalone recognised the need for a more personalised approach to reach the needs of professionals working in a fast-paced environment. In 2004 she established Infinite Growth, with the premise that the business would always have the needs of its clients as its focus. 

 “From the outset our programs have been delivered at a time and location to meet our clients’ needs,” says Maria. “Technology has certainly changed over 15 years and the Infinite Growth team has embraced these changes. We now offer a range of online courses and will offer more in the future. This has enabled us to be more accessible to more clients both in Australia and around the world. Our focus continues to be on their success and growth in their chosen field.”

Of particular interest to Maria is the role of leadership and the positive impact it can have on business and society in general. In her book, Success Talks: Conversations with Everyday Leaders, Maria explores the role of leadership, finding inspiration from leaders from different walks of life.

Maria continues to explore the importance of leadership, teamwork, and communication in her blog, The Infinite Growth Blog. This has been recognised as one of the top business blogs in Australia. Infinite Growth’s commitment to excellence has also been recognised in national and regional business awards.

Infinite Growth connects with clients through a monthly newsletter and social media, providing weekly tips on speaking, writing, leadership, and teamwork, as well as thought-provoking articles. Many clients have continued their connection to Infinite Growth for years, valuing the support given.

As Maria says, “Infinite Growth was founded on the belief that every person has the potential to grow in knowledge and skills infinitely. That belief is as strong now as it was 15 years ago. As my team and I celebrate 15 years of business we look forward to getting to know more clients as they join us on the next exciting stage of our journey.”

To find out more about Infinite Growth visit: https://infinitegrowth.com.au