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The Recycling Express of Melbourne

Express Cash for Cars on Doing Business for Social Good

Social businesses and enterprises are taking over the planet! And the planet is finally starting to look better. Doing business for social good is not something new or something that is ‘trending’ right now. Social businesses and social entrepreneurs are the need of the hour, especially in a country that doesn’t even have an ozone layer! Melbourne is full of the hustle-bustle of new businesses and entrepreneurs who want to be creators of change. As a city, too, Melbourne’s citizens have increasingly supported such businesses as they want to be socially responsible.

One such business is Express Cash for Cars that is located in Melbourne and operates as a recycling company. They are also car wreckers, which essentially means that they wreck cars and other vehicles. Wrecking involves the dismantling of vehicles so that the parts of this vehicle that are still functional can be used. This facilitates the reuse of every single part of this entire vehicle that probably has no other use. They also ensure that the rest of the body of the car, van, utes, minivan, truck, or whichever vehicle it is they have, is recycled for scrap metal.

Scrap metal recycling is a procedure that is used for cars and their parts to be converted into scrap metal that is then sold to more production and manufacturing units. These manufacturing further use this metal to produce other goods and sometimes services, too. These goods can also be recycled further, making them sustainable produce.

Why is Express Cash for Cars so worried about recycling products? Well, we spoke to a few members of the Board at Express Cash for Cars and we found out why! Stacy from ECC, Melbourne said,”We’re all trying to sell something. But if that’s all we’re doing then we’re basically no better than cavemen who would barter their goods for other’s goods. Our company holds a strong mission for doing business for the good of the society. We’re earning profits, but we’re also keeping Melbourne neat and tidy. That’s how entrepreneurs should be thinking about their ideas, making money ain’t enough anymore.”

The head of the management staff also exclaimed that he works to make sure no customer is treated in the wrong manner, or scammed. The company claims to believe in the ‘do good and good will come to you’ philosophy which is also helping them function smoothly.

“What’s wrong with what we’re doing? My children are going to grow up in this city, who would want their own children to grow up in garbage dumps! We keep the city clean for the future of our kids, and their kids. They deserve fresh air and parks where they can play.”, said Shaun from services management.

The company has currently employed a team that works to improve the visibility of their services online and on social media. “Everyone is now buying stuff on Facebook! We have to be up there for people to know what we do. And to be honest, it does give us a lot of space to tell potential customers of our services hat they probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.”

The company claims to have received more business and many more calls from younger adults who ‘try to look for different ways to get their work done’ instead of sticking to the same old processes.

On being asked for their most popular service they mentioned the fact that the customers don’t need to be involved at all, is considered the best. “The customers don’t need to drop the car, as we pick it up for free. They don’t have to do the paperwork, because our team completes it for them before the pickup happens. They love it! They don’t have to move a bone and they can sell their old, unwanted car in Melbourne in a day.”

For all we know, Melbourne will soon be one of the cities with the lowest carbon footprint, if our business enterprises work towards such goals. We do have a long way to go, but where there is a will, there is a way!

Further media information:

Express Cash for Cars is a car buyer in Melbourne that is an express car removal service as well. Their wide range of services is inclusive of car removal, accidental car removal, paying cash for cars, and used car buying. They buy old cars, used cars, trucks, utes, SUVs, vans, etc.  By offering fast cash for vehicles old and new, Express Cash for Cars keeps their customers happy and satisfied with a hassle-free service, and free benefits such as free pickups and free valuation of an old vehicle.