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ASX-listed Adveritas signs up LATAM unicorn, Rappi, in mission to fight ad fraud

Two-year deal estimated to be worth a minimum $360,000

PERTH, 11 April 2019 – Ad fraud prevention specialists, TrafficGuard, have today announced the signing of a new two-year agreement with Latin America’s largest on-demand delivery app, Rappi, in a deal estimated to be worth a minimum of US$360,000. The Colombia-based firm, which achieved unicorn status in 2018, currently operates in seven markets across South America and will be working with TrafficGuard to mitigate ad fraud and associated wasted media spend.


Ad fraud is considered one of the most lucrative forms of crime today – in 2018, it’s estimated that as much as $34 billion in mobile ad spend was lost globally, while 1 in 10 mobile app installs is expected to be fraudulent by 2022[1]. Meanwhile, with global mobile advertising spend expected to be valued at $291 billion by 2022, fraudulent practices are only becoming more sophisticated, further jeopardising return on ad spend (ROAS).


TrafficGuard, owned by ASX-listed Adveritas, detects, mitigates and reports on mobile ad fraud before it hits advertising budgets. Powered by big data and machine learning, TrafficGuard distinguishes fraud from genuine advertising engagement, enabling the technology to identify emerging practices and trends. This allows TrafficGuard to block invalid traffic as early as it’s reliably diagnosed.

Originally part of a global ad network, the fraud prevention SaaS evolved over five years of operations before becoming a separate entity in 2018. Rappi joins TrafficGuard’s growing client portfolio, which features high-profile industry names including the Omnicom Media Group (MENA). 


Commenting on the announcement, Mathew Ratty, CEO, Adveritas said: “Considering the significance and sheer scale of the digital advertising industry, security has always been a challenge. Existing fraud mitigation solutions only seem to scratch the surface – and as fraudsters develop new methods to evade detection, those solutions are becoming increasingly obsolete. Look no further than the recent headline scams like 3ve, one of the biggest ad fraud operations to have ever come to light, and DrainerBot, which is sending fake advertising engagement from thousands of infected mobile devices.”


The ad fraud landscape is evolving quickly and the industry needs a new approach to stem the flow of ad spend to fraud. We are pleased that TrafficGuard is part of this new defense continuing to build a stronger digital advertising ecosystem.


For further information, please visit: trafficguard.ai







About TrafficGuard:


TrafficGuard detects, mitigates and reports on mobile ad fraud before it hits your mobile advertising budget. Three formidable layers of protection block both general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) to ensure that mobile app advertising results in real app users. With visibility of traffic across thousands of campaigns, TrafficGuard’s machine learning can identify emerging patterns, trends and indicators of fraud quickly and reliably. 


Learn more about TrafficGuard’s comprehensive fraud mitigation for brands, agencies and ad networks at trafficguard.ai



About Adveritas


Adveritas Ltd (ASX:AV1) creates innovative software solutions that leverage big data to drive business performance. Adveritas’ ad fraud prevention software, TrafficGuard, is its first available software as a service. TrafficGuard, counts global ad network,  ClearPier (http://clearpier.com/) and media agency, Omnicom Media Group (MENA) (https://www.omnicommediagroup.com/), amongst its early adopters. For more information, see https://www.adveritas.com.au/