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K Collect Launches the 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

K Collect’s 2019 Mothers Day Gift Guide features a directory of gift ideas, that showcase and promote the products of 24 Australians businesses.

Newcastle, NSW, Australia – April 2019

The Mother’s Day Gift Guide was created to help make shopping for Mum easier this year, by showcasing a carefully selected group of gift ideas. With some excellent discounts, the gift guide was made to suit every budget. To make browsing easier, it has been divided into the following sections: health, beauty, relaxation, home and style

The gift guide was launched via social media 13 April 2019, 7PM AEST. The businesses featured in the gift guide shared the news via their business accounts. “We saw some overwhelming support on Instagram and Facebook. People just loved the gift ideas and left some fantastic comments and feedback.” 

The businesses involved in the K Collect Mother’s Day Gift Guide include:

The Mother’s Day Gift Guide will be active until 13 May 2019. The discount code featured in the gift guide, KCOLLECT expires 8th May 2019. 

The Gift Guide was modelled closely on the 2018 Christmas Gift Guide. The  Mother’s Day Gift Guide features some eye catching, flat lay images that were taken by K Collect’s owner, Angela.

To learn more about the gift guide or to book an interview, contact Angela via email contact@kcollect.com, or visit K Collect’s 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide at https://www.kcollect.com/2019mothersdaygiftguide.

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