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Remuera Business Association asks Auckland Mayor to intervene in Clonbern Road Car Park Dispute

The Remuera Business Association (RBA) has asked Auckland Mayor Phil Goff to look at the reasons why, without adequate warning or consultation, AT shut the upper level of the Clonbern Road Car Park in Remuera on 24th March 2019.


RBA Chairman Adrian Barkla says :` We hope that with the Mayor’s intervention that common sense will prevail and access to the Upper Level of the Clonbern Road Car Park can be restored.


`The closure was a great shock to the community and to local businesses. We believe the closure of this part of the Car Park is unwarranted as recent safety tests have concluded that it can be opened with a vehicle weight limit of 2,500kg, not 2,000kg as stated by AT.’


The RBA has provided Phil Goff’s office with the reports from engineering consultants GHD, who carried out tests on the load capacity of the upper level Car Park structure on 14th December 2018 and confirmed that it can be considered safe.


Adrian Barkla adds: `We understand that AT is concerned by people ignoring the signage stating the vehicle weight limit. The Remuera Business Association offered to fund a security guard to enforce the weight limit between the hours of 7am and 7pm but our attempts to negotiate the reopening of the Car Park have fallen on deaf ears.


`As we explained to Phil Goff, the continued closure of the car park and the loss of 70 spaces is damaging the businesses of our members and forcing hundreds of people every day from our community to go elsewhere for goods and services.’