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It Makes Cents to Compare

New Consumer Compare and Save website generating high quality leads in AU and NZ for premium B2C companies

It is a fundamental economic principal that competition in any market is a key component to driving prices in the market down to benefit consumers. It is the bedrock of Western economies and one of the main reasons our markets are so developed and globalised. 

Comparison websites in Australia provide a great service for consumers to compare their utilities and household services and expenses based on their personal details, and match them to the best deals available in the market. 

Collectively, Aussie's are potentially loosing millions each year because they are not being proactive about ensuring their service providers are providing them with the best product or service for todays market. For example, if you have not asked you bank for a comparison home loan rate in the last 4 years, changes are you are loosing hundreds of dollars each year because your interest rate is not competitive for todays market. 

It turns out, that Australian product and service providers are willing to bid for your business and higher levels of competition only drives the price down for the consumer. Meaning, real savings in your pocket each week, month and year. 

This is not a revolutionary idea, there are plenty of exisiting comparison websites in the market today, however it is MakesCents.com.au that is truely independent and provides the best customer experiences for consumers who choose to use their service. 

If you are a company that provides services directly to Australian consumers, and are looking high quality lead generation where the consumer is paired perfectly to suit your service, then look no further. 

MakesCents Media operate the following industry verticals for comparisons:
- Electricity and Gas
- Life Insurance
- Solar
- Health Insurance
- Superannuation

If you are a company looking to offer your services to Australian consumers and can service lead enquiries, then please contact MakesCents.com.au today to speak to a lead generation expert today.