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INDE.Awards 2019 Official Shortlist Announced

INDE.Awards Jurors have been impressed by the innovative and awe-inducing entries submitted into the INDE.Awards in 2019.

INDE.Awards Jurors have been impressed by the innovative and awe-inducing entries submitted into the INDE.Awards in 2019. A panel of 15 internationally-recognised Jurors deliberated over hundreds of entries submitted from across the Indo-Pacific region. They collectively praised architects’ and designers’ creativity, ingenuity and commitment to quality across practice, process and final outcome. 

Juror Joyce Wang of Joyce Wang Studio (Hong Kong/ UK) said this year’s entries confirmed the Indo-Pacific as “definitely the strongest of all design regions and proudly so”. 

“The entries were overwhelmingly innovative and awe-inducing. I particularly enjoyed judging the residential category – the varied interpretations of a single typology of the ‘single family home’ has been inspiring and insightful. It was refreshing to see how the designs responded to the specificity of place and culture in our increasingly globalised digital age,” said Ms Wang. 

Jurors were also impressed by the exciting agility of a new generation of designers establishing practices within the region, and praised their ability to bring new depth to contemporary architecture and design. 

“What was interesting to see were projects that focused on creating distinct designs that can fulfill modern functions while using locally crafted and sourced techniques and fabrication,” said Juror Luke Yeung of Architectkidd (Thailand). 

Indesign Media Asia Pacific CEO and Juror, Raj Nandan, commented on the dynamic and progressive nature of entries and the INDE.Awards’ ability to celebrate design as a product of its region and local context. “The 2019 Official Shortlist is a great reflection of the bold, visionary and innovative architecture and design, for which our region is known,” said Mr Nandan. 

In 2019, the INDE.Awards recorded a 43 per cent increase on entry registrations (year-on-year, 2017-2019) with more than 430 entries received. Submissions were made from 14 countries across the region. Countries include Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia. 

Special thanks go to the INDE.Awards 2019 Jury, comprised of world-renowned industry experts, thought leaders and designers. “The Jury’s expertise and careful consideration has been integral to our awards program, and the ongoing support of our valued Event Partners is what enables us to celebrate the best of the region on the global stage,” said Mr Nandan. 

“We are incredibly excited to celebrate our 2019 Winners alongside our peers, supporters and stakeholders at the INDE.Awards Gala,” he said. 

Winners of the INDE.Awards 2019 will be announced at the INDE.Awards Gala in Melbourne, Friday 21 June. Tickets to the Gala can be purchased online at indeawards.com

INDE.Awards 2019 Jury
Chan Ee Mun, WOHA (Singapore) 
Eleena Jamil, Eleena Jamil Architect (Malaysia) 
James Calder, Calder Consultants (Australia) 
Jan Utzon, Utzon Architects (Denmark) 
Joshua Comaroff, Lekker Architects (Singapore) 
Joyce Wang, Joyce Wang Studio (Hong Kong, London) 
Judy Cheung, Cheungvogl (Hong Kong) 
Leone Lorrimer, Lorrimer Consulting (Australia) 
Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, PearsonLloyd (UK) 
Luke Yeung, Architectkidd (Thailand) 
Paul McGillick, McGillick Consulting (Australia) 
Raj Nandan, Indesign Media Asia Pacific (Australia/Singapore) 
Stephen Burks, Stephen Burks Man Made (USA) 
Sue Carr, Carr (Australia)

The Building 
The Building is awarded to the project that marks a new direction in the future of architecture, as well as its capacity to respond to its local place and culture. proudly partnered by CULT.

The Living Space
The Living Space honours the region’s most inspiring home – one that dwells thoughtfully and sensitively in response to its place. Proudly partnered by Gaggenau.

The Work Space
The Work Space celebrates a workplace design that meets the demands of work and the needs of people. Proudly partnered by colebrook bosson saunders.

The Social Space
The Social Space honours a hospitality or food and beverage space that tells a story, captures the imagination, and brings people together. Proudly partnered by Woven Image.

The Shopping Space
The Shopping Space awards a space with mastery over retail’s shifting ground, one that responds to the need for impact and experience. Proudly partnered by PGH Bricks & Pavers.

The Multi-Residential Building
The Multi-Residential Building celebrates how we can live with equal consideration for community, sustainability, experience and market needs. Proudly partnered by Bosch.

The Learning Space
The Learning Space honours an environment that promotes connection and learning in the ways it needs to happen today – be it formal or informal. Proudly partnered by Living Edge.

The Wellness Space
The Wellness Space shows how spaces for health and wellness services are evolving, with equal emphasis on procedure and human experience.  Proudly Partnered by Zip.

The Object
The Object is granted to the region’s finest in modern industrial design. It celebrates how objects work, what they signify and how they function for the needs of people. Proudly partnered by Haworth.

The Influencer
The Influencer shows how design can change our world for the better. Whether a person, product or project, this awards represents how design impacts the region at large. Proudly partnered by Careers Indesign.

The Design Studio
The Design Studio honours the practice that thinks forward, creates voraciously and changes perceptions in architecture, design or both. Proudly partnered by Herman Miller.

The Luminary
Recognising the lasting impact and ongoing contributions of four design icons.


The Prodigy
Celebrating the innovators and the trend-setters: the Indo-Pacific’s next wunderkinds.