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Entec keeps NZ power industry in the loop

In most major forms of electricity generation, whether it be coal, natural gas, oil, geothermal or hydro-electric, a range of hazardous gases and environments are present in various stages of the power production process. With remotely based staff, lone worker monitoring can be required in this sector as well.

Because of this, power companies must be vigilant in order to keep their workers safe and out of harm’s way.

Auckland-based Entec is a supplier of gas detectors who has been working with the NZ power generation industry for decades.

Having a local New Zealand supplier means gas detection equipment can be serviced and maintained locally, minimising costs and downtime.

“When working with an overseas supplier, there is quite significant downtime when instruments are serviced or repaired”, explains Entec Managing Director, Bob Weston.

“Through our partnership with leading gas detector manufacturers, coupled with our locally based servicing centre, we are able to drastically reduce this downtime which in turn reduces cost to the consumer as the need for replacement equipment is minimised”.

Supplying world-renowned gas detection from reputable companies such as Industrial Scientific, Ion Science, 3M and Blackline Safety, Entec has built a reputation for not only supplying a quality product, but also providing a high level of service and training.

However, Entec’s role does not stop at the sales and upkeep of these devices, they also run various training programmes and events throughout the year, keeping the industry informed on how emerging technologies can further promote worker safety.

“Our customers trust us to be the experts on gas detection equipment, so we feel it is our duty to keep the industry informed on the latest in gas detection technology and suggest areas in which worker safety can be further improved”, says Weston.

Allowing the NZ power industry easy access to leading gas detection and lone worker monitoring products not only aids in improving worker safety, but also decreases the risks of any potential disruptions to commercial and residential customers.

Entec’s range of gas detectors for power stations can be viewed on their website