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Global Gifting Site Tackles Mother’s Day waste

Social media has become a daily staple in almost everyone’s life.

So, it comes as no surprise that a perfectly wrapped gift topped with a bow is considered Insta-worthy.

The pretty packaging, however, lasts only minutes before being torn apart and tossed aside.

Australians use over 150,000 km of wrapping paper during Christmas alone - enough to wrap almost 4 times around the Earth’s equator.

This Mother’s Day, kids of all ages have the chance to make a difference by opting to gift an experience to their mum instead of buying a product that adds to the waste problem.

Jackie Babbage, Co-Founder Gifting Owl, the world’s largest online adventure gifting platform said waste can be avoided by choosing clean gift alternatives.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their environmental footprint and we are here to offer them a more sustainable gift giving option, Ms Babbage said.

“Children of all ages want to give their mum a gift they’ll remember and treasure forever and those memories are most likely to come from an actual adventure or experience she‘s had.

“We call it guilt-free gifting.

“In making sustainable gift choices both the gift giver and recipient gain a real sense of pleasure from the whole gifting process because they’re not contributing to waste.  

“Depending on the experience, your mum will make new connections to places, people and cultures.

“If the kids join in on the experience, the family bonding that happens along the way is an added bonus.”

According to Psychological Science, spending money on experiences provides more enduring happiness.

Australians collectively spent around $11 billion a year as of 2018 on gifts in which they received over 20 million unwanted gifts. This creates a waste trail that expands indefinitely over the years.

Operating exclusively online, Gifting Owl enables its customers to purchase experiences as gifts from any part of the world, regardless of the occasion with all vouchers valid for three years from the date of purchase.

Ms Babbage said there were multiple environmental advantages to purchasing Gifting Owl experiences.

“All gift vouchers are fully transferrable across the range of our experiences, which reduces the gift giver’s risk of spending money on a voucher that will never be used,” Ms Babbage said.

“All vouchers are delivered electronically, eliminating the need for a physical piece of paper to redeem the gift.  

“These benefits drastically reduce the potential for both financial and landfill waste.”


Media Contact: Jackie Babbage 0407179895 or jackie@giftingowl.com



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