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Making Your Film Realistic with Movie and TV Extras

Movie and Television Extras at AMS Promotions

As a film viewer, it’s not often we consider the impact of all the movie and television extras in the background of every scene.  

Using extras in film production gives the movie or television show texture, context and brings each scene closer to a sense of reality that the viewer can subconsciously relate to.  

Consider your favourite movie, and think of a scene where the main character walks through a busy street, or visit a sports game. Now, imagine those scenes, but the only person in the scene is the main character. It would feel very insincere, out of place, and would probably leave you confused. Why are the London streets empty at peak hour? Does that mean the characters don’t need to rush to get a taxi? Are these characters overseeing a private basketball practice game and they’re the only ones with tickets? If it’s a proper game, it must be very awkwardly quiet without an audience there...  

Without extras, viewers would be left wondering why the film seems incomplete, questioning the context, and remaining unfocused and disengaged from the focal story line. This would go against the filmmaker desire to entertain, engage, and evoke emotion to connect with audiences. Movies without extras would not be the same, even though they are naturally (and usually intentionally made to be) overlooked.  

AMS Promotions understands the importance of movie and television extras in film production, so a wide range of personable, friendly and talented staff have been found and are ready and waiting for new opportunities to shine.  

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