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Groliste – A Grocery Management App launched for both Apple and Android users in Australia and New Zealand

Groliste – A Grocery Management App is launched on Jan'19 for both Apple and Android users throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

This app allows to manage and love their grocery lists, 1000’s of pictures of essential grocery or pantry including bar options when buying grocery, always know what you have at home and on the go.From making multiple lists, sharing weekly, monthly grocery lists, creating pantry, entering the expiry date details to get notified before the food expire and so much more. Groliste does everything that not many apps does or comes close to it.

Groliste provide following features:- 

#Grocery List - Groliste allows you to create / manage your shopping list smartly, it's suggests you day-to-day grocery items as you type, cross-off items as you buy them, move items to stock once you buy, and automatically categories & group items to help & save your time while shopping.

#Family List Sharing - Groliste allows you to login from 5 iPhone devices using same login details and hence share everything among family members/friends.

#Virtual Pantry - Groliste provides you Virtual Pantry as one-stop-shop for managing stocks effectively to cut food waste, it's allow to easily move your buy items to virtual pantry, set expiry date to items, maintain stock quantity, and notify you before items expire.

#Meal Planning - Groliste In-built Meal Planning Calendar view to help you to plan your meal with minimal input, simply pick a date and add recipe and their ingredients and see what is in stock and what to buy.

#Recipe Recommendation - Another step to cut food waste is to cook recipes from existing stock. Groliste uses smart technology to suggest recipes from existing stocks.

#Recipe Collections - Groliste allows to collect and organize all of your recipes, and allows you to import & add recipes from popular recipe websites like Allrecipes

For more information, visit www.groliste.com or Download Groliste from both stores -

Media Contact:

Atul Kushwaha
Co-founder, Groliste
E: info@groliste.com
M: 0426264432