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Bite Me! The modern guide to working with people you just don’t get!

Whether it’s conflict with co-workers or dealing with difficult customers or even suppliers, working with people you just don't get can be extremely stressful and performance-sapping.


Written by renowned behaviour and communications trainer, Lynne Schinella, new book Bite Me! and Other Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with our Differences is a refreshing, practical and fun guide that helps readers navigate the challenges of working with various personalities and behaviours. 


“Drawing on the classic four personality types, the book forces readers to take a reluctant look at themselves and learn why they connect with some people and not others and what they can do about it. It is packed full of practical ideas, advice, tips and strategies – that readers can apply straight away.” Says Lynne.


While there are many personality/behaviour books that offer a wealth of in-depth research and detailed behaviour traits, Lynne's relaxed style of storytelling, based on real-life scenarios is what sets this book apart from the rest.  Bite Me!addresses the needs of the reader in 2019: fast, simple, easy to digest and full of practical and actionable outcomes. 


Another unique feature of Bite Me! is Lynne’s Fruit Personality Profiling System, which is central to the book and which she created as a contemporary alternative to existing personality profiling systems.  It draws on the work of many leaders in the field but is designed for today’s fast-paced workplace.


“I use Fruit to reflect behaviour preferences…. Apples are hardcore and don’t break easily. Mangoes are luscious, messy and larger than life. Limes are concentrated and intense, but not in your face. Bananas are sweet and pliable with many uses!  People really engage with our Fruit profiling because it’s fun and blameless, and makes the complex simple and memorable.” Says Lynne.


Readers can complete Lynne’s personality profile in less than 15 minutes and discover if their preference is for Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana behaviours, and what that means for them and people around them.


Bite Me!is designed to be used as a reference book and can be read from beginning to end or just picked up when you need it. Although it is written for anyone in the workplace – employees, contractors, managers, business executives and owners, because of its broad nature the book has a natural spillover into personal life too.


The book has already been highly praised:


Refreshingly honest. Highly effective. Practical and fun. Tourism Australia has been using Lynne for over 5 years now to motivate and inspire confidence in our teams as well as our industry. For any executive or business trying to build a high performing culture, Lynne’s book is a must read!  JOHN O’SULLIVAN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, TOURISM AUSTRALIA


In Bite Me!Lynne has formulated a practical and personal approach for helping us all navigate the difficult world of people's various personalities and behaviours. A must-read for anyone who deals with others, getting straight to the point in a wonderfully fun way. TODD HALLIDAY, PRINCIPAL, NORTHROP CONSULTING ENGINEERS


As a business professional who works with lots of teams, I need to quickly understand people’s preferences and how they behave under pressure. Bite Me!and Lynne’s style is refreshing, fun and easy to read. I loved the lightbulb moments, particularly when recognising my own fruity preferences.  KAREN CLARKE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, TREGASKIS BROWN


About the author


Lynne is a highly regarded behaviour and communications expert who works with individuals and organisations to help them connect with influence and respect. Lynne’s audiences get real value from her practical down to earth approach, her honest, engaging and entertaining delivery and her talent for making the complex simple and relevant. Lynne is the creator of the RIPE Personality Profiling System and lives and breathes Fruit, from mentoring to training teams to deliver her message of respect, connect and thrive. 


Lynne is also the creator of the video training programme: Working With People You Just Don’t Get! This programme helps small teams to better understand each other, as well as customers and suppliers and how to leverage their differences to work more effectively, with less stress and greater productivity.  For more information visitwww.lynneschinella.com.au/videotraining-teams



What Fruit are you? Find out by undertaking this short quiz: https://www.lynneschinella.com.au/all-about-fruit  



For a copy of the book (for review), or to request an interview, please contact Sarika Shah, Publicity and Marketing, SShah PR & Communications  email sshahcommunications@gmail.com or call 0414 291 440