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Writing workshop promises measurable improvement in only four hours

Honing your writing skills gives business people a competitive edge

Everyone in business writes, but is your writing producing the results you want? Do you struggle to get words on a page?

We can all be better writers. In today’s highly competitive business environment, improving your writing skills could be just the edge you need. 

Why? Sarah Mitchell, founder of Typeset and Global Copywriting, says writing is a skill every business person needs to have. 

"Modern readers demand quality writing; they won’t stick around your website or finish your newsletter otherwise. If you're writing long-form content like reports, white papers and case studies, it's even more important to keep your readers engaged." 

In addition, Mitchell says consumers demand more than good writing skills. 

"You need to tell the right stories, and you need to tell them with skill and confidence.

"The good news is it's not as hard as you might think," Mitchell says.

Some of the benefits to better writing skills include: 

  • Reduced costs of outsourcing writing projects to agencies and freelance copywriters
  • Ability to tell better brand stories
  • Becoming more efficient and spend less time writing
  • Impress Google and get better organic search rankings
  • Producing better quality, more readable content.
Typeset offers discounted pricing for members of Engineers Australia and anyone working in a not-for-profit organisation. The writing workshop is open to the public but can also be conducted for groups and internal training and professional development. 

Typeset’s Writing Workshop is for people who write every day but want to become more effective in all their written communications.

For more information about this writing masterclass including frequently asked questions, visit the Typeset website here: https://typesetcontent.com/services/professional-development/writing-workshop/. 

You can register online at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/masterclass-how-to-improve-your-writing-in-less-than-four-hours-perth-registration-60858790280