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Fly into Success with Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distributors at AMS Promotions

Put your brand promotion directly into customer’s hands!

The flyer distribution method of promotional marketing is one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective ways of reaching your target audience. Add this method to the list for your next business campaign as an additional means of communicating your brand message, and a new physical touch point between your brand and potential future customers.

When factoring flyer distribution into your promotional campaign, it’s essential to make smart choices in the When, Where and Who areas. It is still important in a campaign like this to identify your target audience, as that will lead you to the Where and When stages. Identify your target market, and use information found through geographic and behavioural segmentation to detect whereabouts your target market will likely be, and when. For example, if your target market includes young businessmen living in Sydney, you may consider distributing flyers at peak hour, inside a busy train station in Sydney’s CBD. Flyer distributors can hand flyers to workers to read as they walk from the station to work, or they may keep it in their bag to read when on the train in the afternoon and keep stuck on their fridge at home. Using a physical advertisement like this that can be held onto, and not forgotten quite as quickly, is a huge bonus.

A few flyer tips:

-- Use one side of the flyer to draw attention. Use bold colours and styles that reflect your brand and capture the eye enough tencourage the user to keep the flyer in hand, and not in the garbage bin. Once they’re holding it and considering action, the objective is half-reached.  

-- Use the other side of the flyer to share information. Keep it relevant and concise, yet informative enough to give the full picture 

-- Include incentives. For example, a flyer may include a coupon for 50% off the first purchase. This encourages the user to keep the flyer with them in the chance they could make use of the good value. If the coupon code is exclusive to this set of flyers, it can be used to measure effectiveness of the campaign, in detecting the number of times the code has been translated into a sale.

-- The flyer might only be the start of it! In more relaxed, less-busy circumstances, the flyer handover might spark a conversation, which could lead into the sharing of contact information such as an email and/or phone number to receive extra benefits or coupons, and more customer information for your database.

-- The distributor should be friendly and approachable, as well as confident in approaching by-passers. 

For flyer distribution staffing quotes and information call AMS Promotions on 1300 368 969 or email info@amspromotions.com.au