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Generation Hex! Millennials are Embracing Witchcraft in Record Numbers

Announcement posted by Amber Robinson Digital 23 May 2019

Starter witch kits, candles, cauldrons and occult books top the best seller list

Dabbling in the occult is cool again, evidenced by a sequel to cult teen witch movie The Craft  announced earlier this year, and a sharp rise in Google searches for crystal healing, tarot cards and candles.

Local retailers are seeing alternative lifestyle products fly off the shelves. 

Melanie Cramond, founder of Australian gothic and alternative e-commerce site Tragic Beautiful, has witnessed growth of the witchcraft category first hand since starting to stock witchcraft and occult items ten years ago.

“Witchcraft, astrology and tarot are having a resurgence right now,” says Cramond.

“Millennials and Gen X are exploring spirituality as they navigate challenges like finding love and establishing financial security.”

She’s now expanded her growing range of witchcraft and occult items to include starter Witchcraft Kits starting from just $64, which include a portable cauldron, resin incense blends and sacred herbs.


Witchcraft Essentials Starter Kit - $64.00
Perfect for the beginner witch

Portable metal ritual cauldron, Ambrosia resin blend, Nightfall resin blend, Herb Sachet - Magic Focus, Herb Sachet - White Sage. Charcoal for burning resin and incense.

Witchcraft Collection - Extra AF - $145.00
The ultimate witch toolkit

Portable metal ritual cauldron, Dark resin mix, Light resin mix, Ambrosia resin blend, Nightfall resin blend, Black witches salt, four herb sachets, large black ritual candle, 5 natural beeswax chime candles, charcoal and Palo Santo wood, amethyst crystal.

Witchcraft – a Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions - $24.95
Occult book by Anastasia Greyleaf

An amazing volume filled to the brim with information about spells, charms, demonology, herbal lore, voodoo and more!

Editorial samples available on request.