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Zukaz, an Augmented Reality Mobile Application Launches in Albury – Wodonga

Albury-Wodonga, NSW – Zukaz will be hosting the Orange Weekend at QEII Square, Albury in July as part of their global augmented reality (AR) mobile app launch.

Local residents and visitors are in for a treat as there will be an interactive AR treasure hunt using the Zukaz Hunter App. 

There will be opportunities to win amazing prizes along with thousands of vouchers for local businesses.

During the Zukaz launch, there will be food stalls and plenty of fun-filled activities for all including face painting, jumping castle, a dunk tank and much more.

Established in Albury, NSW – Zukaz is a free, location-based AR app, that allows merchants to drop real cash vouchers in your area.

Real cash vouchers can then be redeemed in-store or traded on the Zukaz marketplace, allowing users to sell them to make a profit.

The inspiration behind Zukaz is “Pokémon Go”, the biggest mobile phenomenon in 2016, which blends AR with real-world scenarios.

Just by word-of-mouth and organic growth, the beta version of the Zukaz app had a rapid increase of downloads, from 70 to 550 in only 4 days in Albury.

According to Liam Scammell, marketing and sales manager of Zukaz, “strategic partnerships are in place for Zukaz to be sustainable and to grow exponentially.”

“In 2018, $273.29 B was spent on digital advertising to bring merchants and consumers together. In 2019, it is estimated that figure will rise to $316.42 B. These costs are all up front, with no guaranteed return on marketing spend. Zukaz allows merchants to directly advertise their goods and services to consumers by using the power of AR and geo-mapping while charging them only on success. Giving them a return on every marketing dollar.”

With a large number of people and merchants engaged in the ecosystem, Liam believes that “the city of Albury-Wodonga is the perfect launchpad for Zukaz before going global.”

Promoting through Zukaz also allows businesses to generate new revenue streams and access new target markets.

Other strategies like incentives, achievements, vouchers, promotions and database acquisition from larger merchants will be carried out to keep people engaged in the long term.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about creating value for the consumer and value for the merchant”.