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Block blue light with VisionDirect!

VisionDirect aims to tackle the harmful effects of blue light with its exclusive blue blocking lenses for free!

Whether you sit in front of your computer screen for hours during work or you spend a lot of time on your tablet or smartphone, these activities have a huge impact on your eyesight. These devices emit blue light which can impair your vision for a long term basis and result in digital eye strain. Of course, you cannot stop working or discontinue using your phone as they are most likely a part of your daily routine. Is there any solution to this blue light issue? Yes! Blue light blocking glasses.

The name speaks for itself! These blue light blocking glasses block blue light generated from digital screens and filters out the harmful rays of light to ease the strain on your eyes.

Many eyewear e-tailers are stepping up to take action in order to reduce the harmful effects of the blue light on your eyes. One of these eyewear e-tailers is VisionDirect which aims to resolve the issue with its scientifically tested blue light lenses.

For the entire month of June, VisionDirect aims to tackle this serious issue by offering a pair of blue light lenses for free if you plan to purchase any pair of frames with the lens option Thin 1.61 or Very Thin 1.76.  

Get your blue blocking glasses today!
Select any frames here and use the code BLUEBLOCK at checkout to get your blue blocking lenses for free* and help relax your eyes with VisionDirect.

*Available for lens options Thin 1.61 or Very Thin 1.67.