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How to enjoy a Starbucks quality Matcha latte at home

Matcha Outlet has released a new Matcha product - their interpretation of the Starbuck Matcha Latte.

Matcha specialists and wholesalers, Matcha Outlet, has launched a new product: Sweet Japanese Matcha.

The product is their version of the famous matcha green tea latte drink at a well-known coffee chain, Starbucks. This powder has the same high-quality ingredients but costs a less than the Starbucks Matcha drink.

“Our Matcha powder comes from Japan, Uji prefecture, a well-known place for producing the best Matcha powder. This new product has a unique flavour, a great balance of grassy notes and the creamy sweetness everyone loves in a matcha latte,” said Robert Rydzewski, Operations Manager of Matcha Outlet.

The new product comes in an array of sizes from small, 12 oz bags - which provide around 25 servings - to wholesale 18 lbs bags.

“Our new matcha powder allows our customers to enjoy a perfect matcha green tea latte from the comfort of their own home or office. Or if you are a cafe shop owner, our matcha would be a great addition to your menu,” said Robert.

The Sweet Japanese Matcha powder has over 80 5-star reviews and currently is on a special promotion sale. These deals include “Buy 3 get 1 FREE” and “Buy 5 get 2 FREE”! Right now, you can use coupon “PRFREESHIP” to get FREE USA Shipping for this wonderful product. To experience the mouth-watering beverage for yourself, please click here.

For more information, please contact:

Robert Rydzewski | Operations Manager
E: info@matchaoutlet.com

P: 224-653-9400


About Matcha Outlet

A family owned and operated business, Matcha Outlet offers 100% USDA Organic matcha green tea powders. No matter if you drink your favorite matcha latte at home or offer it at your café, bar or bakery - now you can enjoy it at a very affordable price.

Matcha Outlets also offers all the tools and equipment for anyone to create a fantastic matcha drink wherever they are. From matcha cups to whisks, Matcha Outlet ensures the customer has all they need to enjoy the perfect drink.