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Another Successful Calocurb Story

The following is taken from a testimonial from Rachel. “I’ve never had a serious struggle with my weight, but I’ve always been conscious of it. Being an avid reader, when I was younger, I would pick up any magazine that was bought home – usually with a gorgeous model on the front, whose body type was the polar opposite to mine. I know now that I will never, and should never, want to have that because that’s not me. But as a teenager I was always conscious of how that was deemed beautiful – and other body types were not.


“At 29 years old, I have grown up to realize that although I won’t have the figure of a Victoria Secret model – I can aim to be fit and healthy. I used to do sports at school and now I go to the gym 1-3 times a week. However, eating well and doing things like taking the stairs instead of the lift are things that I do every day to try keep in shape.


“After some not so deep reflection it has occurred to me that weekends are my hurdle. I love trying new places to eat, which comes with enjoying a few glasses of wine or beer. It’s a treat and I love it. It turns out I’m a big advocate for justifying the weekend binge with the week-day health food focus.


“I started taking Calocurb initially to see if it would help with my binge cravings over the weekend, after a friend who was taking it mentioned it to me. About half a day after taking my first capsule (I take it in the mornings), I felt that I didn’t feel as eager to eat lunch when I usually did (12.30-1.00pm). I also felt the same around dinner, which meant I ended up with a much smaller portion than usual. Pleased at this stage, I decided to keep it up.


“After a week of taking it and each day being pleasantly surprised at how little I craved my meals or snacks – the test of the weekend was upon me. At meal times I felt that I didn’t need to dig into that extra order of fries for the table or order a smoothie with my brunch meal. I was quite content with my salad, or small main – with no added extras afterwards. I was really happy that I still got to go out and enjoy all the things I love, but had cut back on the meals and treats that used to make me regret my eating decisions on a Sunday. As simple as it does sound – I actually feel in control of my eating habits a lot more while taking Calocurb.


“I feel comfortable in my own skin but knowing that I can have that extra bit of willpower when I do want to feel better and loose a bit of weight that I can personally tell has crept back on, is really important for me. I don’t do extreme diets, but I use Calocurb to help maintain my weight, so I can keep on doing the things I love and not feel so constricted by eating plans and calorie counting. I’m really happy with the way Calocurb has worked for me and the fact that I can adjust it around my lifestyle is absolutely ideal.”

Rachel is a Marketing Manager in Auckland, New Zealand, and for more information on appetite suppressants NZ, weight loss pills, intermittent fasting and Calocurb NZ reviews please go to www.calocurb.co.nz .