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Australian Forex Trading Educator Launches New Training Courses

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 24 June, 2019 – The world-renowned forex trading education provider Learn to Trade is once again launching a new course for hopeful new students in Australia. The new training course, dubbed the Ultimate Forex Starter workshop, is a 5-hour event held in various cities across Australia.

According to the company, trading in the foreign exchange market is becoming increasingly popular among ordinary people in Australia. Some graduates of the programs offered by Learn to Trade have even been able to turn trading into their full-time career, the company revealed.

“We are extremely happy to once again open up spots for new students at our Ultimate Forex Starter workshop,” said Adam Truelove, Global Trading Director at Learn to Trade. “More than 250,000 people have already been through one of our training sessions globally, and we have learned that the demand for quality trading education is still huge out there,” he added.

Although Learn to Trade is headquartered in London, the company also has a big presence in Australia, and recently opened its new state-of-the-art forex trading training centre in Sydney. The company was founded by the legendary British forex trader and former banker Greg Secker in 2003, and was later brought to Australia by a team of experienced Australian traders and trading coaches.

In addition to its heavy presence Australia, Learn to Trade today has offices in the UK, the Philippines, Spain, and South Africa, with plans to continue the expansion in the coming years. The company also said it remains committed to investing in the future as it works towards its goal of educating more ordinary people about the opportunities that exist in the forex market.

Learn to Trade’s Ultimate Forex Starter workshop is currently accepting applications from people of all backgrounds, and in particular encourages people with no prior experience from finance and trading to sign up. In the past, Learn to Trade has successfully trained people with diverse backgrounds, ranging from nurses to teachers, carpenters, and retirees.

For a limited time only, seats at the Ultimate Forex Starter workshop are available for only $97.

To learn more about what Learn to Trade can offer, and to sign up for the Ultimate Forex Starter workshop or any of their other training programs, visit Learn to Trade online or contact one of their staff members by phone at (02) 8412 6000 or via email at info@learntotrade.com.au.