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Allan Van Planning Offers Clarity and Insight for Development Projects

Allan Van Planning is a boutique Town Planning and a Surveying agency with over 50 years experience in the private and public sector, Allan and Daniel have the know-how to get your development through the complicated planning process in the shortest possi

From amusement parks and gourmet dining to residential housing projects and community uses, town councils have their hands full ensuring that communities are balanced and account for the common good. Allan Van Planning specializes in assisting city councils in purchasing property, building projects, and making improvements that are beneficial for all.

The company is town planner Gold Coast experts that offer a wide variety of services that include preparing planning reports on a specific site, planning advice when purchasing properties for potential development, or considering improvements on an existing site. Rules and regulations concerning land usage change more quickly than most people realize and Allan Van Planning provides accurate intelligence and advice on the likelihood of a project being approved.

Specialists at Allan Van Planning meet with town planners to fully understand the type and scope of a project. The firm can offer clear insight for any town planner Brisbane, providing feasibility studies to demonstrate due diligence, along with the highest and best usage for properties.

The agency also provides level of assessment determinations and aid in ascertaining if a property purchase will be appropriate for the desired usage. A knowledgeable representative from Allan Van Planning will attend a pre-lodgement meeting to ensure all the contents of a development application being submitted meets the pertinent standards, regulations and requirements.

Town planning Gold Coast is highly complex. Allan Van Planning has expertise and experience in expediting project approval in the most economical way possible. It’s essential that companies have accurate information before launching any project. The boutique planning agency has experience with projects encompassing high-rise developments and subdivisions to cafes, children’s centres, and animal clinics, along with car washes, wrecking yards, and transportation hubs.

A town planning committee requires the most accurate and up-to-date information available and Allan Van Planning provides that data. The firm is highly-experienced and provides consultations, can negotiate on clients’ behalf, and help with all aspects of permits, applications and compliance.

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