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AGOY, the Meditation for Those Who Can't Sit Still


A unique wellness practice is serving busy Melbourne locals who want all the benefits of meditation, but find sitting still in a quiet room only invites more intrusive thoughts and anxiety.


“Our modern society is heavily geared towards distracting us from taking care of what’s inside us,” says Jason Watson, who teaches the mind-body practice known as Agoy. “Many people struggle with traditional meditation because they find themselves facing a barrage of thoughts and anxieties instead of feeling peace; they can’t stop worrying about their to-do list or whether they’re missing an important phone call or email. Achieving ‘stillness’ or ‘inner calm’ feels so impossible, it might as well be a joke.”


The Agoy technique, created by Melbourne-based meditation teacher John Morris, offers a simple alternative to traditional meditation. Agoy uses an integrative approach that combines multiple modalities into one simple technique, incorporating gentle movement, sound and colour to help students focus their energy and manage stress and overwhelm. The focus is on changing the energetic structures of the body – not achieving a perfectly (and impossible!) blank mind.


Watson has helped facilitate Morris’ workshops for ten years and now teaches his own Agoy class once per week. After watching hundreds of students improve their lives with the Agoy technique, Watson likens his weekly classes to other essential habits for good health and wellbeing: “Just like our bodies need regular maintenance, through exercise, brushing our teeth, and eating healthy, our inner worlds need maintenance and nurturing,” he says.


“There is a big need in today’s society to manage stress, mental health, overwhelm and insecurity. Agoy is an incredibly powerful mind-body practice that helps people feel clear, calm and relaxed, and helps provide the clarity required to make better decisions. It’s a simple solution that empowers people to take control of their own mental and emotional wellbeing. Participating in a weekly Agoy class helps stave off stress that can otherwise take control of your life.”


“Especially for those who struggle with the idea of meditation, Agoy provides a good alternative, because you’re connecting inside yourself without needing to sit still. Instead, Agoy makes the process of settling and clearing your inner world easy.”


“No one is too wired or too stressed to benefit from Agoy,” says Watson. “This method was developed in Melbourne with the Melbourne lifestyle in mind – it’s perfectly suited to help modern Melbournians connect with themselves, make positive changes and feel happier.”


WHAT: Agoy, a mind-body practice originally developed in Melbourne

WHERE: 134 Alexandra Street, St Kilda East

WHEN: Wednesdays at 7:30 pm; bookings through www.agoywellbeing.com

HOW MUCH: $20 per class, payable in cash after class

WHO: Agoy teacher, Jason Watson, phone 0413 783 453 or email jasonwatsontao@gmail.com

For more information, high res images, or to arrange an interview, please contact Amber Walker or Jason Watson.