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Kyckr signs agreement with global data platform provider DemystData



11 July 2019






2-year agreement with DemystData to adopt the Kyckr API (Application Program Interface) for existing and new clients

- Partnership will allow Demyst customers to seamlessly evaluate, test and use Kyckr’s real-time network of over 200 corporate registries

Demyst’s existing customers include global tier-one banks, insurers and lenders 

Kyckr Limited (ASX:KYK) (Kyckr or the Company), a regulatory technology company, is pleased to advise that it has signed a 2-year data provider agreement with global data platform DemystData.

DemystData are a leading provider and platform for integrating data, providing financial institutions with API access to discover, access and test corporate data in combatting fraud, strengthening compliance and reducing data managements costs.

Founded in 2010 and with offices in New York, Singapore, Hong-Kong and Melbourne, Demyst has over 30 clients, including tier-one banks, insurers, and lenders across the US and Asia Pacific.

This agreement will allow the Kyckr API to be accessible by existing and future Demyst API customers. The addition of Kyckr’s API will help Demyst customers seamlessly evaluate, test and use the Kyckr network of real-time registry information via the Demyst platform. The platform allows customers to test the data in a secure sandbox environment and helps reduce both onboarding times and cost.  

Additionally, Demyst will market the addition of the Kyckr API to their existing customer base, promoting Kyckr’s automation expertise to further financial institutions globally. 

As Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) efforts rapidly increase, accessing legally authoritative Know-Your-Customer information direct from registries provides firms with an effective process for customer verification to help prevent financial crime.

Kyckr CEO, Ian Henderson, commented: “We are delighted to be executing an agreement with DeymstData. Partnering with DemystData brings together deep expertise in the data and automation space, helping us deliver the most up-to-date, legally accurate information to financial institutions globally.

The agreement is in alignment with our strategy to enhance collaborations with strategic partners as an accelerated method of growing our exposure to new clients and revenue.

Know-Your-Customer verification is becoming increasingly critical and we are excited to be embedding our unique registry network onto the DemystData platform, and we look forward to working with our new partner and customers”.




About Kyckr Limited

Kyckr is a global regulatory technology (RegTech) business, providing technology solutions. Kyckr’s solutions are connected to over 200 regulated primary sources, in over 120 countries, providing real-time company registry information on over an estimated 170 million businesses globally. Kyckr provides automated technology solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Corporate KYC.

To learn more about Kyckr, visit www.kyckr.com.