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Introducing Samson & Charlie’s ultra-luxe Famous 24k Glow Watermelon + Kiwi Facial Oil

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Imagine being immersed in a blush pink, mesmerising facial elixir infused with 24k Gold, that will leave your skin emanating a kilowatt Glow. Samson & Charlie’s new release: FAMOUS 24k Glow Facial Oil is an ultra-opulent face oil that will catapult your skin to celebrity status. Launching on August 1st online currently available for presale at Samsonandcharlie.com.au now.

This dreamy blush pink face oil with real 24 karat gold flakes resides in a super sleek, clear glass bottle, making it not only Insta-worthy, but an amazing anti-ageing secret that doesn’t belong hidden on your beauty shelf. FAMOUS needs to be in pride of place, on centre stage.

Famous 24k Glow Facial Oil is intoxicating to look at, you’ll be almost too scared to open it, but wait until you smell it. With a superfruit cocktail of powerful antioxidants including Watermelon Seed Oil, Kiwi and Blueberry Seed Oil, this powerful fruit cocktail fights wrinkle and age spot-inducing free radicals to create clearer, brighter skin with the added benefit of a fresh, delicate fruity floral finish. Blending some of the world’s most luxurious absolutes of Pink Lotus, Rose, Neroli and Champaca, this delicate oil creates an unforgettable, sensory-rich experience.

It’s the world’s most attractive, effective and luscious face oil yet.

Off the heels of the sold-out success of THE GIFT Balancing Facial Oil, the brand’s founders knew their customers had high expectations for their first anti-aging oil.

“I absolutely fell in love with Watermelon seed Oil, and there was not one Watermelon based Facial oil on the market,” said founder Carole Staeck. “After researching its unique properties; we made Famous with a delicious combination of rare and exquisite super fruit seed oils that boast powerful anti-aging properties as well as edible aromatic qualities. When I discovered this gap in the market, I just had to create this unique, delicious blend.

Whilst the value of gold in skincare is well recognised for its anti-aging benefits, not to mention its ultra-chic look, most products boasting gold don’t include real gold at all, just gold-coloured mica.
For Famous, Samson & Charlie sourced their pure gold locally through one of the most reputable Australian Manufacturer. It’s made in Melbourne, and the gold originates from the Perth Mint to ensure it is pure, genuine 24 karat gold leaf, priced at $168 per gram. 24 karat gold leaf holds the highest concentration of gold per part, which ensures once the mineral’s properties are absorbed into the skin, producing the maximal anti-aging benefits. These include slowing collagen depletion, increasing elasticity and brightening the delicate skin of the face.

Famous 24k Glow Facial Oil is enriched with regenerating boosters as well as the gold leaf to increase collagen cell turnover, leaving skin firmer and brighter. Vitamins C, B and E, as well as Omega 3 & 6 simultaneously provide an anti-inflammatory barrier to protect skin from the daily insults of pollution, weather and chemicals.

 “It feels ultra-light like a serum, but acts deep within your skin as an oil,” said Carole. “I wanted to give busy women a lavish, deeply hydrating, anti-ageing versatile product that would work all day so their foundation wouldn’t look dry by 5pm. Famous is perfect for face, lips and  layering under makeup.”

The Famous 24k Glow Facial Oil works deep within the skin thanks to baby soft Camelia and Squalane oil, formulated to penetrate the skin’s dermal layers. Fractionated coconut oil is also used as it’s able to penetrate much deeper.

“After months in development perfecting the formula, we are so proud to share this super fruit cornucopia of nature’s most delicious creations in a bottle. It looks so luxurious with the glistening gold floating in it. I was listening to Spotify when I was creating it, and ‘Famous’ by Ivy Adara came on. That settled it, we had to call it ‘Famous!’” said Carole.

Famous 24K Glow Facial Oil
30ml RRP $89.95