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Strategy and ingenuity see battle success for China in The Silk Road Wars

New historical fiction book by Melbourne author, Frank Spencer

Creating bedtime stories for his two young sons about a mythical giant called Chop Suey, was the spark for Frank Spencer’s new historical novel, The Silk Road Wars, set in China’s Ming Dynasty.
While the book’s main character, Chi, is based on this invented giant, the wars fought by China to defend its borders are factual. One of the first attacks covered in the book is Japan’s invasion in 1834.
Following this, many other regimes and leaders attempted to defeat the Chinese without success including King Porus of India, the Gauls, Romania, the Cossacks, the Thugees, the Moors, the Carthaginians and many others.
“The Silk Roads created a vast trading empire that made China the wealthiest of nations,” said Frank Spencer of his second novel. “This also made China the prize other nations strived to plunder.”
Throughout the Ming Dynasty the Great Wall was extended and strengthened and a formidable army was created to fight off the many and regular invaders.
Chi’s father, Peng, was a master in designing and manufacturing devastating weapons of war and set in place China’s arms race, transforming the Ming army.
Conscription was invented to replace the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives fighting off invaders, and a special elite unit was also created. Chi became China’s greatest warrior, a general who was a master in the art of war.
In defending its Silk Road, China fought back with great vigour and although always outnumbered, its superior strategies and weaponry more than levelled the odds.
China invented gunpowder and had cannon whereas most of her adversaries did not. Its greater cunning and ingenuity was also used when it bought weapons used in the American Civil War.
The Silk Road Wars documents the many great land and sea battles and identifies Britain emerging as the prime antagonist,” said Frank Spencer.
“In building a mighty navy and an empire, Britain continued to see China as a bitter enemy and remained in conflict with the nation well into the age of steam and dreadnought battleships.”

Frank Spencer’s love of Marco Polo’s travels was further reason for creating this historical novel, which interweaves many other characters into the narrative including Chi’s friendships and his love life, and relationships with Emperor Zu Youjian and General Qi Juguang who was a master tactician and authority on Sun Tzu’s the Art of War.
A Secret Life is the title of Frank Spencer's first book, an espionage thriller that follows the intriguing life of Richard Sinclair and his extraordinary life skills, including martial arts, who uses the power of friendship and love to take on the biggest battles of all.
The Silk Road Wars (and A Secret Life) has an RRP of $24.95 and is available from all good bookstores and online at Booktopia: https://bit.ly/2JpSUl4 or https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-silk-road-wars-frank-spencer/prod9781925230543.html
About The Silk Road Wars
The Silk Road Wars (159 pages) is a historical novel that covers the Ming Dynasty in China from 1830 to 1914. The Silk Roads created a vast trading empire that made China the wealthiest of nations. This also made China the prize other nations strived to plunder. Throughout the Ming Dynasty the Great Wall was extended and strengthened and a formidable army was created to fight off the many and regular invaders. https://bit.ly/2JpSUl4
or https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-silk-road-wars-frank-spencer/prod9781925230543.html
About A Secret Life
A Secret Life (285 pages) is about successful business consultant Richard Sinclair who is a deadly martial arts expert and needs all of his skills and more to survive the vengeful attentions of the Calabrian Mafia. Richard and his few remaining allies, joined by two others who had served with Richard’s friend in the SAS, must find refuge from their unknown enemy who appears to possess unlimited resources, many soldiers and a fierce determination to kill them all.
Both books have an RRP of $24.95 and are published by Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd. www.sidharta.com.au
About Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer is a retired organisational psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology. He has implemented change strategies in many of Australia’s leading organisations. Frank has worked with world leaders in organisation development and pioneered a remuneration system based on role rather than job, which can also function as a change strategy. His system is licensed to the Institute of Managers and Leaders and Frank manages remuneration structure projects on their behalf.
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