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Gifting Company Brewquets Bets Big on Wine in Cans

Boutique gifting company Brewquets is banking on the growing interest of wine in cans to drive success of its gift packs.

While wine in cans is still in its infancy in Australia one company is betting big on it for gifting success. Brewquets, pronounced brew-kays, has created a wine gift pack that features wine in cans as its hero. It’s the first can centric wine gift pack of its kind in the world.

Richard Kelsey, Director of Brewquets said the concept was based on the success they had seen with beer in cans for Valentine’s Day.

“For Valentine’s Day we wanted a product that could be sent by express post and that had a real wow factor when opened. Traditionally beer in bottles is fragile and not able to be sent via express post, so we looked to cans. The result was massive growth in the product and a gift that people loved”.

Taking this idea of alcohol in cans Brewquets has applied it to wine and they’re betting big. “When we look at the US wine in cans is a $45 million market and growing rapidly. It’s still in its infancy over here but that is going to start changing quickly,” said Mr Kelsey.

Ross Marshall, General Manager of Fourthwave Wine Partners says their wine distribution company has seen growing interest of their range of wine in cans “We started selling wine in cans 12 months ago, fast forward to today and its share of our portfolio is growing strongly with great consumer acceptance."

Why Brewquets are betting big on wine in cans:

- It’s the fastest growing segment of the wine market, up 43% in the US and 30% in the UK.

- More variety. 3 cans of wine are the equivalent of a traditional 750ml glass bottle.

- Non fragile. Unlike glass cans don’t break and can therefore sent via Express Post with Australia Post, getting to the recipient faster.

- Smaller portion size. Gone are the days of having to open a whole bottle of wine each time someone wants to enjoy a glass of wine. One can is the equivalent of a third of a bottle of wine.

- Space saver. Cans take up far less room in the fridge and chill much faster.

For more information on Brewquets Wine Packs head to: https://brewquets.com.au/collections/wine-gifts