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"The Good Mood Diet": New evidence-based program focuses on improving mental health with food

Media Release
“The Good Mood Diet”: New evidence-based program focuses on improving mental health with food
Leading Australian dietitian Nicole Dynan APD, known as The Gut Health Dietitian, has launched The Good Mood Diet, a personalised online program designed to support the improvement of mood disorders, based on the latest evidence linking gut health to mental health.
The multimedia program has been developed to complement other therapies – be that medication, counselling or other treatments - and guide participants on a journey to discovering the best ways to use food to boost energy, lift mood, optimise gut health and improve general wellbeing.
“We’ve developed this program specifically to help people who experience low moods, as the latest evidence tells us that what we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how we feel,” explains Nicole. “But really, the program is ideal for anyone wanting to feel more energetic and vibrant, and who wants to establish a lifelong healthy way of eating.”
Gut health has been a hot topic for some time now, and research into the link between our gut microbiome and overall health, including mental health, continues to uncover more and more fascinating connections. Recently an Australian study – the SMILES trial[1] - evaluated the impact of dietary intervention in adults with major depression and found that dietary improvements were associated with positive changes in depressive symptoms.
“The science confirms that gut health can have a significant impact on a huge range of health conditions, from depression and anxiety[2] to diabetes and even heart disease,” continues Nicole. “Unfortunately, the typical Western diet, which often includes large amounts of processed foods high in saturated fats and sugars, can be extremely damaging to our gut microbiome, and has proven to be directly associated with higher rates of depression.”
The Good Mood Diet is based primarily on the Mediterranean Diet, ranked the number one diet in the world[3] for 2019, with additions from other highly regarded diets from Japan and Norway. The Good Mood Diet also incorporates the Australian Dietary Guidelines and brings in other gut-friendly foods that Nicole has seen work wonders on her patients with gut-related issues over many years of private practice.
Key points of the Good Mood Diet
  • Prioritises gut-friendly foods rich in fibre
  • Primarily plant-based
  • Focuses on good fats
  • Guides participants on how to add gut-friendly fermented foods to their diet
  • Advice on meditation and mindfulness, exercise and getting plenty of sleep 
“By focusing on the health of our gut microbiome, evidence shows that we can measurably improve our mental health, as well as our overall health and wellbeing,” says Nicole. “My approach to nutrition has always been grounded in science and I believe that eating whole foods is much more important than counting calories or cutting out entire food groups.”
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Notes for Editors

About Nicole Dynan, The Gut Health Dietitian
Nicole’s journey began more than a decade ago when she was working in chronic disease management within the pharmaceutical industry.  She saw how our nation’s health was rapidly deteriorating, and like so many others, she was struggling to maintain her own health while working in a stressful corporate environment. This drove her to go beyond medicine to where health issues begin: our gut. She decided to change direction and re-trained as a dietitian, which has been her passion ever since.

Since opening her doors, Nicole has helped thousands of people through private practice, corporate and workplace nutrition and wellness programs. She is also a media spokesperson for The Dietitian’s Association of Australia. Nicole’s latest project, the Good Mood Diet program, is a culmination of her many years of practical experience and evidence-based knowledge of gut health.
The Gut Health Dietitian Links
The Gut Health Dietitian website and the Good Mood Diet program www.tghd.com.au
Instagram @the.guthealthdietitian
Facebook @theguthealthdietitian
A selection of high resolution, food-focused images are available for download from this Dropbox link
Available for interview:
Nicole Dynan APD is available for interview by phone, email or face to face. We also have a case study available, who used diet to successfully manage her post-natal anxiety.
Media contact:
Rachel McDougall
Crystal Clear Communications
Mob: 0401 694 301
Quick mental health stats
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and affects around one million Australians each year[4]
  • Globally, more than 300 million people are affected by depression[5]
  • Around 2 million Australians experience anxiety in any one year.[6]
[1] https://bmcpublichealth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12889-018-5504-8
[2] Opie RS, O'Neil A, Jacka FN, Pizzinga J, Itsiopoulos C. A modified Mediterranean dietary intervention for adults with major depression: Dietary protocol and feasibility data from the SMILES trial. Nutritional neuroscience. 2018;21(7):487-501.
[3] U.S. News’ 41 Best Diets Overall https://health.usnews.com/wellness/food/slideshows/best-diets-overall