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Finest MC Professional Emcee Master of Ceremonies Australia's Rob Doorey Is Your MC

Australia's premier emcee Rob Doorey overcame nerves to become YourMC


Australia's premier emcee Rob Doorey overcame nerves to become YourMC

As an event host, Rob Doorey has mingled and co-hosted with movie stars, sports greats and even with Australian Prime Ministers. Such associations, enhanced by many years in radio broadcasting, have left Rob with a powerful ability to ‘connect’ with people on all levels. Rob now aspires to broaden and extend his connections internationally and offers his expertise via his business “YourMc”.

Rob, with expanding aspirations, is not entertaining pipe dreams.  He has endured and indeed has outrun many others aspiring to be part of this competitive field. His impressive career spans almost three decades and has not yet piqued even though he is in great demand.  

While Rob is open to more opportunities to emcee events such as product launches and corporate awards nights, local or otherwise, high-end corporate functions are an excellent fit with his expertise. He said he thrives on challenges and variety.

Rob explained: “In my time in this career I have emceed and hosted almost every event you could possibly imagine.

“For instance - from local fairs and garden competitions to packed entertainment centres, corporate events and awards nights, working alongside former PMs (Prime Ministers) as well as with parliamentarians, music and sports celebrities - I have hosted just about every kind of event.”  

Rob’s career path has stemmed from his love of music which sparked his early interest in becoming a radio announcer. Coupled with the opportunity “to work in a creative field where you get to work with or interview amazing/interesting people” Rob dedicated his commitment to this career pathway and concentrated on building his skills for the industry and honing his talents.

But Rob was not born with this easy confidence and said he initially had to overcome fears of public performance, both behind the microphone and in front of people. He explained how he conquered these fears by continuing to jump in and take a challenge whenever it was presented. Over time he then learnt to harness his nervous energy to better fuel his onstage-performance.

As he grew in confidence Rob was able to look outwards from himself to his clients’ needs. More recently he has chosen to remain as an emcee (MC - Master of Ceremonies) “because I love the challenge of helping clients achieve a perfect event. Every client wants to pull off the seamless perfect event”.

This is where Rob’s strengths and extensive experience really come into play, especially during on-stage presentations as a host, as he can quickly adapt to changing or unexpected circumstances. His quick wit and sharp sense of timing can maintain a seemingly uninterrupted flow in a presentation. He explains that his years in professional radio broadcasting have contributed to this ability. 

“I thrive on the fast pace and to lots happening at the same time.  I thrive under pressure,” he said.

“And I love that every event is different; every client is different. You never know what you are going to get." 

“In this arena, there is an element of controlling as much as we can, but at the same time knowing what action to take when it may seem out of control for a client. I love this aspect of this business,” Rob explained.

It seems then that these are just some of many ingredients contributing to Rob’s success in hosting - a success borne from hard work and a wealth of experience, combined adroitly with commitment, flair and drive.

Rob Doorey is Australia's premier emcee.  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and everywhere in between. For more information visit YourMC Master of Ceremonies website or book Rob by calling +61 410 438 003.

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