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Osmoflo awarded contract for RO plant Upgrade on Hamilton Island

Osmoflo has been awarded the contract for an RO plant upgrade on Hamilton Island, in the Whitsundays in Queensland. This project is the result of more than 5 years of “optioneering” and technical /commercial investigation to ensure the most appropriate solution was selected and the best overall value for the client.


The water treatment plant will be located at Hamilton Island, which is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland. It is positioned approximately 887kms north of Brisbane and 512kms south of Cairns.


Osmoflo’s scope of supply includes a 1 MLD SWRO skid, as well as a standalone and containerised 1.6 MLD Brackish Water RO, that will provide Hamilton Island Enterprises (HIE) with the ability to produce high quality potable water from alternative sources. HIE provide all utilities and services for the 5000+ guests and staff on the Island, including water supply. The BW container will diversify their supply options and enable full utilisation of the Brackish Water reservoirs - which receive runoff from non-porous surfaces that then suffer from seawater intrusion & high evaporation rates whilst stored in holding dams. Expanding the useable capacity is becoming increasingly important as they are more reliant on the Brackish Water storages with increasing occupancy levels and reduced catchment yields due to lower than average rainfall over the past several years.

The contract award is an excellent example of how Australian companies can come together in a mutually beneficial relationship towards the overall good of Australian Industry and wider community. Through this award, Osmoflo has demonstrated its continued strength and world class expertise as a leading water technology provider. It also illustrates Osmoflo’s ability to provide the highest levels of plant reliability and availability for all water treatment facilities, no matter how remote or isolated they may be.


Osmoflo’s regional operations and maintenance teams will continue to provide technical support remotely and conduct site visits for more specialised services.


Client & Osmoflo: Our client is looking forward to an energy efficient and high performance facility providing a noticeable improvement in potable water aesthetics for our guests, residents and staff as we, at Osmoflo, are looking forward to continuing our long association as their “Technology Partner” for desalination requirements on the Island.