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Legally Reduce Your Tax and Protect Your Wealth

Discover how the rich use company and trust structures to protect assets and minimize tax in this book, "How to Legally Reduce your Tax-- without losing any money!"

A new book has just been published that will simplify today’s very complicated tax system and help individuals and businesses understand the process of reducing taxes. “Legally Reduce Your Tax” is being touted as the one-and-only book of its kind, offering tax and financial advice, tips and information gained over decades of practice as an accountant.

According to author Ed Chan, when he finished University in 1981, one could carry the Tax Act in one hand. However, as the years rolled on, the Tax Act grew larger and larger and in the end, one would need a wheelbarrow to carry it in. Everyone has a responsibility to pay his or her share of tax but many people pay more than they need to simply because they didn’t know the rules. “Legally Reduce Your Tax” hopes to help every Taxpayer ensure they don’t innocently pay more than they need to.

In this book, Ed documents his knowledge for the benefit of others and has gone to great lengths to ensure that the language used is not too technical so the average person can understand it. Readers say it is difficult to get good information about Australia’s tax system despite many other books written about it. The book’s strength and point of difference is its simplicity.

“There is a saying that ‘people don’t know what they don’t know’ and I hope after reading this book they can appreciate and be educated on how our tax system works,” Ed says. “I hope the readers will be able to structure their affairs intelligently and not end up paying more tax than they need to.”

“Legally Reduce Your Tax” aims to give the readers a better sense of control over their finances and taxes and bring them a sense of comfort and reassurance by knowing that they are not paying more than they have to.

 Ed Chan is the Non-Executive Chairman of the Chan & Naylor Group, whose goal is to educate their clients and everyday Australians to be successful financially and in business. He has published two other books entitled “Small to Great” and “Wealth for Life.”

A successful business requires the use of a variety of resources that help the business operate smoothly, project revenue from different revenue streams and the costs associated with them, manage payroll and marketing, and organize the costs of business for the development of the financials. These books can help readers effectively grow and protect their wealth creation.   


Grab an ebook copy today! You can also download the first few chapters here for free!