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Latest Target Sheep event offers further localised production advice to Armidale producers

Virbac Australia’s most recent Target Sheep program event concluded today at the Armidale Golf Club, with attendees gaining further information about effective pre lambing practices and feeding programs heading into what is going to be a tough spring lambing period.

Target Sheep is an animal health initiative aimed at optimising the health and performance of livestock at three key stages of the production cycle; pre-joining, pre-lambing and marking/weaning. Its main focus is on increasing productivity by managing drench resistance and improving health and reproduction through strategic trace mineral top-ups and effective drenching and vaccination programs.

The program brings together industry experts, veterinarians and producers to improve on-farm productivity and profitability through leading animal health management practices.

Speakers at the latest event included NSW DPI Technical Specialist (Sheep Breeding) Luke Stephen, who spoke about some of the latest technologies available to producers, and Virbac Australia Area Sales Manager Will Hiscox, who covered the importance of trace minerals pre lambing, with a focus on treatment options, efficacy and the benefits of Multimin for sheep.

Livestock Consultant / Nutritionist Ben Foster also presented some invaluable information on feeding ewes through challenging drought conditions, both pre and post lambing. His talk examined issues like the correct calculation of energy requirements and things to consider when working out what to feed. “Energy levels are critically important,” says Ben. “Most ewes that go down at lambing are usually out of fuel, so we should be looking at ensuring protein levels are over 11%, as well as enhancing digestibility (as less waste means more usable feed). Silage with a high moisture content also needs to be factored into the feeding rate.”

With 15 local sheep producers attending today’s event, Joel Melmeth from ‘Highlands’, Black Mountain described his reaction to the latest installment of the Virbac Target program.

“Today was great. We have all learnt how to feed sheep in this drought and the examples provided by Ben Foster really drove home the importance of getting your feed ration right throughout lambing and lactation.”

Target Sheep is part of Virbac Australia’s continuing commitment to supporting producers in the fight against drench resistance. “It’s been another really useful discussion,” reported Will. “I’m proud of this initiative in being able to deliver these kinds of insights, to help our local producers implement parasite management programs that improve animal health and boost their bottom line.”

Virbac will be hosting further Target Sheep and Target Beef events throughout Australia in the coming months. For more information, visit https://au.virbac.com, follow Virbac Australia on Facebook or call 1800 242 100.
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  2. Local sheep producers at Armidale’s latest Target Sheep program event