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Humanitix becomes the fastest growing ticketing platform. And it’s a charity that just funded $300,000 for education.

Just 3 years after launching, Humanitix has reached the milestone of funding education projects to the tune of $300,000. It’s now the fastest growing ticketing platform, supporting thousands of event organisers.

Just 3 years after launching, Humanitix has reached the milestone of funding education projects to the tune of $300,000. It’s now the fastest growing ticketing platform, supporting thousands of event organisers.

Humanitix is the not-for-profit ticketing platform that gives events impact. It makes event management a delight, and directs 100% of the profits from booking fees toward education projects, such as literacy programs for young girls.

Josh Ross, Humanitix Co-CEO, said: “We’re a charity for the tech-generation. We don’t ask for donations. We just ask anyone running an awesome event to use our platform – your booking fees can change lives."

Says Josh, “The $300,000 mark has meant the events on our platform have had real impact. The Grounds of Alexandria have funded 15,000 meals for Aussie kids. The Football Federation of Australia funded 2 years of girl’s education from tickets to a single match!”

Humanitix is Australia’s first tech-charity – an enterprise in the style of a Silicon Valley startup, that exists to fund education programs. And like Silicon Valley unicorns, Humanitix is growing fast. 

Says Adam McCurdie, Humanitix Co-CEO, “Our ticket sales are doubling every 4 months as event organisers flock to our platform – and that means our charitable impact is doubling too. In the last year we’ve brought on thousands of new events organisers, including the Parliament House, the UN’s International Women’s Day, Singularity University, and the Yakandandah Folk Festival.”

The team attributes the growth to two factors: Event organisers wanting to give back through their events, and the fact that Humanitix has ticketing features not found elsewhere.

Says Adam: “With funding we received from Google.org and the Atlassian Foundation, we’ve created unique features that other ticket platforms don’t have, including an advanced self-service ticket management.” 

“It’s not enough to have an extraordinary charitable impact – we know we need to have an extraordinary ticketing platform too. Our event organisers tell us we’re doing it right, and that’s why more than a million ticket buyers visited our event pages last year.”

Event organisers agree. Says Dan Mylonas, Brand Director at The Grounds: "We have so many events running meaning we can’t compromise on the quality and usability of our ticketing solution. Humanitix has been nothing but a dream to use. Their customer support has been incredible and works so well for us as an organisation - all whilst giving us the opportunity to give back.

This week Humanitix has also launched their new branding, with a new look reflecting how far they’ve come. The brand concepts were developed by DDI, a brand agency with a unique approach they call “The Art of Getting Noticed”.

The team is available for interviews

Contact Adam Long, Chief Growth Officer on 0421 498 170 or adam.long@humanitix.com.au 

Download photography, logos and the media kit here.

For Journalists: Possible story angles

  • This event ticketing platform says booking fees should educate kids, not rort the public.

  • Why tech entrepreneurs are starting social enterprises to help disadvantaged kids.

  • Meet the two entrepreneurs who created Australia fastest-growing ticket platform.

  • Event organisers are looking for impact, and finding it with this tech-charity.


What is Humanitix?

Humanitix is the first not-for-profit ticketing platform. Event organisers use the platform to issue

tickets and collect payments. Humanitix is an exciting case of scalable social innovation, capable of transforming both the role of business and radically growing the funding pool for education.

Why education?

We believe education is the ticket to opportunity. With access to primary and secondary schooling and the support needed to stay in school, kids live healthier, more fulfilling lives and can escape the traps of poverty. Our work ranges from scholarships for Indigenous students, through to meals for disadvantaged Aussie kids, through to education programs for young girls around the world.

How did it get started?

Humanitix was created by Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie, who left lucrative jobs in finance to make

Humanitix happen. Funding has come from many foundations, include Google and Atlassian’s, as

well as a range of philanthropists.

Who can use Humanitix?

Anyone running events – whether an independent community event or an international conference.

Event organisers have included Singularity University’s Sydney Summit, the Yakandandah Folk Festival and The Grounds.

Where can I find out more?

Visit Humanitix.com   

Or contact Adam Long, Chief Growth Officer: 0421 498 170 or adam.long@humanitix.com.au