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New feautures for the Kodak i800 Scanner Series.

Today, Eastman Kodak Company's Commercial Imaging business announce new features, including iThresholding, for the Kodak i800 Scanner Series. Since the release of the i800 Scanner Series, Kodak has been reviewing customer feedback on features required and this has driven these new productivity enhancements.
The Kodak i800 Series Scanners, are high-speed, high volume production scanners with an unlimited recommended daily volume. The scanners feature SurePath paper handling for fast, streamlined, jam-free document feeding, 3-D multi-feed detection and Kodak's proprietary Tricolour Plus CCD sensor, which enables bitonal or colour scanning at high resolution and high speed.
Available in August 2003, the i800 Scanner Series will now include: - iThresholding for the i800 Scanner,Colour on the Fly, Brightness and Contrast Control.
iThresholding was introduced at the start of this year for the Kodak 3520 Scanner family. It provides the ability to scan a greater mix of document in a single batch. Light Contrast, highlighting, thin documents can all be scanned in one batch without operator intervention. Since releasing iThresholding for the Scaner 3520, customer's feedback has been excellent with the main question being, when will the i800 have iThresholding.
Colour on the Fly allows you to insert a PATCH sheet, at document preparation time, and if currently scanning in colour will automatically, once the patch is detected, swap to Black and White scanning. When the patch is seen again it will revert to Colour and so on.
Brightness and Contrast Control is a new utility that will allow the users to modify the current Colour Control Tables. Currently the i800 Scanner comes with four colour control tables that have been optimised for specific document sets. Now with the Brightness and Contrast control feature you are able to modify these tables to suit your documents.