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Green Frog Systems Unveils the Latest in Advanced Solar Lighting Solutions

Green Frog Systems’ newest innovative product includes the latest in Solar, IoT and Smart City technology; providing the best in ultra-reliable and intelligent solar lighting solutions.

Green Frog Systems, Australia’s leading provider of quality solar lighting and energy storage solutions, today announced the release of the latest product in their state-of-the-art solar lighting range; the GFS-ASPIRE Solar Street Light.

Designed in Australia, The ASPIRE truly brings together the latest in solar lighting technology, using mono-crystalline panels that can generate more power than ever in a smaller panel, combined with advanced CREE XP-G LED chips that can provide more light with less power. Each solar cell on the ASPIRE panel is tested to eliminate any poor performance cells, such as those with micro-cracks that are undetectable to the naked eye, ensuring the panel performs at its best.

The ASPIRE was also developed with contemporary architectural design in mind, ensuring that the solar panel and pole unit would be elegant, low profile and fit in seamlessly with its surroundings. The pole was purposefully designed with a unique, curved modern look with a larger pole base that holds up to four stackable batteries for dependable energy storage.

The ASPIRE is IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart City ready, with the ability to connect to the SAM (Solar Activity Monitoring) system. SAM allows lighting assets to be centrally managed, using software that provides users with a dashboard where they can command, control and monitor assets at an individual or collective level.

When solar lighting first entered the market, it was difficult to guarantee reliability or easily monitor lighting assets, however with the ASPIRE and SAM systems utilising smarter technologies, highly reliable solar lighting is now possible.

David Wilson, Green Frog Systems Founder & CEO expressed his excitement for the new product: “The ASPIRE was designed to include all of the latest technologies and smart systems to obtain high-reliability, while still considering architectural design to ensure the Aspire would look great in any city scape. The team and I are extremely proud to release a product which is designed upon what customers are looking for in their solar lighting today, as well as what they will need into the future.”

The ASPIRE is now available for purchase and is suitable for applications including roadways, streets, car parks, pathways, industrial sites, recreational areas and marine infrastructure. You can find out more or contact our solar lighting experts via the Green Frog Systems website.


About Green Frog Systems

 Green Frog Systems is dedicated to producing quality solar lighting and energy storage products that deliver greater reliability and efficiency than conventional street lighting. We are helping to shape the future of smart communities by delivering the backbone infrastructure necessary to move people beyond the mains grid and into sustainable technologies. For more information, visit us at www.greenfrogsystems.com.au.

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