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SwimFun Announces 40 Percent Off on Prescription Goggles and Dive Masks

We are a Sydney-based online store focusing on prescription diving masks and prescription swimming goggles

No one has to deny themselves the pleasure of swimming and diving due to less than perfect vision. For a limited time, SwimFun is offering 40 percent off all of its prescription swim goggles and prescription diving masks.

Seeing clearly while swimming and diving is an absolute necessity and SwimFun is the premiere provider of corrective prescription goggles and diving masks. Each pair is custom created to accommodate the individual’s vision in both eyes and the company provides a handy online guide for choosing lenses.

Prescription swimming goggles Sydney are available in racing styles for use during competitive events and for recreational purposes whether individuals are in a backyard swimming pool or snorkeling on vacation in exotic locales. Highly affordable, they provide the means to enjoy any aquatic-related activities. Goggles are available with wide vision, UV protection, and provide anti-fog protection.

For those that require specialized eye protection for scuba diving, training sessions, and competitions, a prescription snorkel mask Australia provides superior fit and performance. Dive masks are manufactured with either tempered glass lenses or PC lenses, and an adjustable strap designed to provide an enhanced fit that’s comfortable to wear in multiple conditions.

Even Olympic-level swimmers have used specially designed swim goggles to enhance vision in the water. The devices are equally applicable for budding cinematographers that are filming underwater scenes and can be worn during surfing, operating a personal watercraft, or any time that vision may be impaired by water.

SwimFun’s 40 percent off sale on goggles and dive masks provide the protection and clear vision required to participate in all the water-related activities that an individual desires. The top quality aquatic eyewear is ideal for a myriad of lifestyles. Prescription swim goggles Australia enable wearers to see and enjoy what underwater environments have to offer.

About SwimFun
We are a Sydney-based online store focusing on prescription diving masks and prescription swimming goggles. Our corrective prescription swimming goggles and diving masks will provide you a quick and economic way to assist you to see clearly in water. Connect with SwimFun on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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