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Space Rules Released

The Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA) congratulates the Australian Space Agency (the Agency) on completing and transitioning to a new regulatory framework for Australian space activities for launching to space and returning to Earth. 

The SIAA is pleased that the Australian Government and the Agency have undertaken this revision of the regulatory framework to ensure that the Australian space regulatory regime is more consistent with the rapidly changing nature of space launch and returns.  The new regulatory regime provides more clarity and allows for greater flexibility for the introduction of new technologies and is now better suited to the rapidly changing nature of space activities globally. 

The SIAA is particularly pleased that the revised regulatory framework aligns with many of the Australian launch safety standards and insurance requirements which are best practice industry standards used worldwide.  This alignment with accepted industry standards will enable additional opportunities for Australian launch and return activities in the future.  The SIAA strongly commends the Agency for this wise approach, which will enhance the future prospects of the Australian space industry.  

The SIAA agrees with the comments of Dr Megan Clark AC, Head of the Australian Space Agency, when she said, “By updating the regulatory framework, we are improving Australians’ access to space, while continuing to uphold our strong values to ensure safety of activities on Earth and in space...”

Chair of the SIAA, Mr Rod Drury, said “I commend the Australian government and the Australian Space Agency for undertaking this revision of Australia’s space regulatory regime and, on behalf of our members, I congratulate the Agency for achieving a strong outcome that will better position Australia to be an active participant in the growing space activities in the 21st century and beyond.”