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Australian Company Boasts 5.0 GPA Internationally-Accredited Space Learning Programs

Internationally Accredited Education Programs

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES – Friday 9 August 2019


·      Australian company Actura’s California Association for STEAM Education (CASE) International Space School Study Program is a University of California (UC) approved college preparatory course and is 5.0 GPA accredited.

·        Actura’s FlipRobot Program is 5.0 GPA accredited.

Australian company Actura’s programs are officially accredited and recognised internationally. The California Association for STEAM Education (CASE) International Space School Study Program is a 5.0 GPA accredited program and has been independently accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), offered through Legend College Preparatory. Actura’s FlipRobot Program can boast the same – with it being 5.0 GPA accredited. Official accreditation demonstrates academically-robust programs.

The CASE Space School International Study Program assists students to build a profile and provides universities with evidence students are not just classroom-savvy but that they can learn in a variety of environments. CASE graduates are recognised as having completed a full semester college preparatory course. Students with these internationally-recognised preparatory courses have a competitive advantage over their peers without the same. Students can receive academic transcripts to facilitate their university applications. This is attractive to those students who aspire to demonstrate initiative and innovation to future employers or those who intend to study internationally or apply for internships.

Actura is proud to boast and promote its FlipRobot “Comprehensive Robotic STEAM Learning” solution in its FlipRobot offerings as a curriculum that is also 5.0 GPA accredited. As a package, the FlipRobot learning kits in conjunction with the CASE Robotic Curriculum are designed to provide students with essential STEAM skills for their future. Being University of California approved, means public recognition from the United States of America college system.

Actura’s diverse programs are broad, covering both out-of-class and in-class environments. The programs are 5.0 GPA accredited, demonstrating academic-robustness. A solid, collegial or university education in a top-tier university is an investment for a student’s entire future. This puts Actura at the forefront of being one of the leading STEAM educational learning solution providers.

Established in Australia in 2014, Actura provides the leading STEAM learning solution comprising of in-class to out-of-class solutions. Our FlipRobot range provides the ultimate robotic STEAM learning solution for the in-class environment. Actura continues to seek to fulfil its mission to become the most trusted STEAM education solution provider. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Shanghai and Taipei and with further international expansion on the horizon, Actura seeks to achieve its mission on a global scale.


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