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Kea Health Offers Special on Quit Smoking Aid, Habitrol

The quit smoking aid provider is committed to delivering the best value nicotine replacement therapy products to their clients and offers a significantly cheaper price than what they can get from drug stores. On top of that, Kea Health is also reducing 5% off on all their Habitrol products – nicotine gum, lozenges, and patches until the end of September.

Offering a range of quit smoking products, Kea Health carries brands they know they and their customers can trust. Their nicotine replacement therapy includes a range of products from brands Habitrol, Nicorette, and Nicotrol, which can provide support to individuals who have decided to quit the bad and addictive habit of smoking.

The Nicotine Replacement Therapy works by helping smokers detach themselves from nicotine and manage withdrawal symptoms by limiting their nicotine intake. It is also a way to separate the most harmful carcinogens found in cigarette smoke and allow them to deal with nicotine safely and effectively over time. 

Habitrol chewing gum is one of the premier brands that help individuals to stop smoking and deal with withdrawal symptoms efficiently. Customers can choose from either mint or fruit flavour and comes in different strengths. Generally, it is recommended that highly dependent smokers smoking 20 cigarettes per day start on 4mg. For smokers who smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day, it is advised to use the 2mg nicotine gum. The intake of Habitrol nicotine gum should not exceed 20 pieces a day on 2mg and should not exceed 10 pieces a day on the 4mg.

For the Habitrol lozenge, highly dependent smokers smoking 20 cigarettes per day should start on the 2mg lozenge and should not exceed 15 lozenges a day while smokers who smoke less than 20 cigarettes, should start on the 1mg lozenge and should not exceed 25 lozenges a day.

Smokers who don’t like to chew or suck are advised to use the Habitrol Nicotine Patches. It is used once per day wherein the smoker puts it on the morning to wear all day. Individuals wearing a Habitrol patch can still use the gum or lozenge alongside it. However, it is recommended that they use between four to 12 pieces a day and should not exceed that amount.

Kea Health offers free 30-day returns, same-day dispatch, and strives for a three working-day delivery target.

To learn more, visit the Kea Health website at https://www.keahealth.com/