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Let's Talk Vape Etiquette

Just with about everything we do there is an etiquette..

Let's Talk Vape Etiquette

Just with about everything we do there is an etiquette that we all need to keep in mind. Let's have a look at the vaping etiquette and try to keep this in mind the next time we are using e-cigarettes.

  • In public be mindful of people around you when blowing out clouds. People around you might not like having a blinding puff of cloud in their face. Always try to blow your clouds away from people and be respectful.

  • Judgement of devices is something to avoid if you have been vaping for a long time. There will be others around you using different devices but this is no reason to judge. Instead share you knowledge about vaping and your device.

  • Aggression towards smokers is also an area to steer away from. People always do what they like in their own time. Instead of being aggressive and trying to force others into vaping explain the benefits and do not push. Be polite and patient.

  • Vaping in doors is another area to take into consideration. Just like when vaping in public we do not blow clouds into other peoples faces, it is important to recognise that other around us may not like the smell or it may not be allowed in certain closed environments.

These are our recommendations at Vape Street Australia.

If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles