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Seagate Technology and Synology provide charitable support to BBC Media Action

Seagate donates 90 10TB and 12 4TB IronWolf Pro hard drives installed in Synology NAS servers to help ensure vital media and communications work can be developed in some of the poorest and most fragile societies in the world

SYDNEY, Australia – 16 September, 2019 – Seagate Technology (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in data storage solutions, is helping the BBC’s international development charity, BBC Media Action, store and deliver content to improve people’s lives around the world. Specifically, the charity’s media and communication efforts reinforce governance, improve people’s health, strengthen the resilience of vulnerable groups and help them survive, and recover from, humanitarian emergencies.  

To support BBC Media Action’s creative workflow, Seagate is donating 90 10TB and 12 4TB IronWolf Pro hard drives to be installed in Synology NAS servers, helping the charity to store their rushes securely and back up their broadcast content safely.

“We create and broadcast content which helps improve people’s lives across the world. High capacity storage solutions, such as those provided by Synology and Seagate through our charity partnership, enable us to manage and store our media far more effectively. We are delighted to be entering into this partnership as it supports us to deliver our vital, often life-saving objectives”, said Caroline Nursey OBE, Chief Executive Officer BBC Media Action.

Previously, BBC Media Action stored content across a patchwork of different solutions. Very few of these solutions included RAID-configured devices and fewer still were backed up to secondary storage. Given the challenging environments in which the charity works, this left them particularly vulnerable. For high workloads and collaborative environments such as this, the new set-up with IronWolf Pro and Synology NAS provides 24x7 remote access, backup and file sharing.

As the IronWolf drive has been specially made for NAS devices it comes with several features that you wouldn't normally find in a standard internal hard drive. These features allow the IronWolf to perform reliably 24/7 with large amounts of data coming and going, all while keeping power consumption low.

“BBC Media Action reaches millions of people around the world with creative content that helps audiences make sense of important events and improve their lives,” Pierre van der Elst, Vice President Sales EMEA, from Seagate said. “With this donation, we are proud to play a role in inspiring people and communities to make a positive change in some of the poorest and remote societies of the world.”


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About BBC Media Action:

BBC Media Action is the BBC’s international development charity which delivers innovative media and communication projects to help reduce poverty and contribute to a freer, fairer, safer world. Reaching millions of people in some of the world’s poorest and most fragile countries, the charity helps people have their say, understand their rights, responsibilities and each other, and take action to transform their own lives. As an independent charity, BBC Media Action is not funded by the BBC licence fee and instead relies upon the support of generous donors and partners to deliver its life-saving and life-changing work.

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