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5 Tips to Best Display Client Testimonials on Your Website

With social media a part of everyday life, the gap between a business and it’s customers has never been closer.

Gone are the days of calling a customer feedback line; now customers can go directly to a company’s Facebook page and leave a review for all to see. While this can be beneficial for transparency’s sake, you will want to highlight any positive feedback received to counteract any negative comments. It is more common to leave a complaint than a compliment, so encourage your customers to leave positive testimonials, which you can then use to highlight your competency as a business.

Read on for our top 5 ways to display testimonials on your website:

1. Display Testimonials on the homepage

Your website homepage is the digital version of a ‘First Impression’. By placing client testimonials at the first port of call, you are displaying your capabilities and success immediately. The homepage needs to summarise the main points of your business to the viewer, but it is equally important to emphasise the positive experiences of your current and past clients.

Website trends include using quotations in a slider, where multiple testimonials can be rotated as the viewer scrolls, so try to collect as many client testimonials as you can!

2. Encourage clicks with a Landing Page

Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective, known as a Call To Action (CTA). What better way to influence a positive CTA response than with an accompanying testimonial? A client clicks on a Google Ad campaign or similar, then are taken to your website’s landing page where they are immediately confronted with a positive review of your business. By displaying client testimonials here, the viewer is encouraged to take the next step and follow through with your CTA.

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